"seeing" squares with red crosses in emails

  PvG 17:15 15 Mar 2005

How do I get Outlook to show what is in the squares with red crosses that I get?
Happens in Internet Exporer too?
Happens when eBay email comes, I can't see what I imagine are photos/graphics.

  Sparks 17:43 15 Mar 2005

Above the e-mail message doe's it not say "some messages have been blocked, click here to download"?

  ICF 19:30 15 Mar 2005

In outlook express select Tools tab,Options,security and untick "Block images and external content in HTML e-mail"

  PvG 19:30 15 Mar 2005

Not that I haev noticed. The email, when saved still has the squares with red crosses, adn I must have set something up in Explorer or Outlook to block something, but I don't know what.

  PvG 19:33 15 Mar 2005

Thank you ICF, that has restored the graphics and pictures.

  gudgulf 19:36 15 Mar 2005

In IE go to tools/intenet options/advanced and scroll down to the Multmedia section.Make sure there is a tick in the show pictures box.

  agrb 11:00 16 Mar 2005

helpfull information but cannot find the section you mention -am I missing something? Could you be a bit more specific.Thanks

  Sparks 18:25 16 Mar 2005

The information ICF supplied is correct, how far do you get with it?.

  petemac 16:35 17 Mar 2005

I too have this problem and I have tried the suggestion by ICF ( Tools,Options,Security ) but I don't have the 'Block Images and external content etc' for me to tick.
What am I doing wrong.


  agrb 17:32 17 Mar 2005

my own silly fault-didnt look hard enough.thanks for the reply

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