Seeing Pink, Problem when watching DVDs and mpgs

  erkmatrix 11:41 13 Apr 2003

Please can someone help, I've got a Time Mirage computer running windows xp home and well when I'm watching a DVD on my powerDVD the screen just randomly turns black, you can still hear the sound but no picture. Then if you shutdown the Power DVD and try to put it on again the picture screen is just pink still the sound is there and the only thing to get it working is restart the machine but its not long before it does it again. This also happens with mpgs and avi thought it was something to do with my windows media player but it does it on the powerDVD and cretive mediasource player. Could it be something to do with my monitor which is a iiyama VM 1451 and came seperatly from my computer or my graphics card which is a Radeon 9500 and bought seperatly. Oh also when playing games only got three but it on everyone at random places will just crash and the only thing that you can do is to restart the whole machine.

Thank you for reading this in advance and any help will be greatly appreciated.


  -pops- 12:39 13 Apr 2003

Not an expert on this but I do know it would help if you gave more details of your system, particularly RAM, CPU speed etc.


  erkmatrix 14:49 13 Apr 2003

My systems spec is below

Athlon XP 2600+ 512MB DDR RAM 120GB Hard Disk ATI Radeon 128MB 8xAGP 9500 48xCD-Rw 16xDVD 5 USB 2.0 + 2 firewire ports KT 400 Full ATX Motherboard 10/100 ethernet and 6 channel audio TV-out with 4 port video in/out integrated Flash/Memory Card Reader Microsoft works

hope this is a bit more help.


  erkmatrix 23:14 13 Apr 2003

Does anyone have a idea of what could be causing it.

  erkmatrix 09:31 14 Apr 2003


  -pops- 09:42 14 Apr 2003

As I said yesterday, I'm no expert on this but it seems that your system should be able to cope. One thing that does occur to me is do you have a lot of other things running at the same time as this happens? My thinking is that your power supply might not be up to it OR your CPU/RAM is being given too much to do.

As you might realise, I stabbing in the dark but, on another machine I had, I found the DVD playback very iffy on 512MB RAM but it didn't show the effects that you're getting, it was picture breakup and sound out of sync. I cured it by inserting another 256Meg of memory. The machine I have now has 1Gig memory and works perfectly OK.


  erkmatrix 22:48 14 Apr 2003

Hi thanks thanks for your reply, could be the reason yes, you would of thought 512MB would be enough but hey its worth a try I guess, is it easy to install more memory.

Cheers again Phil

  AMD 4 ever 23:16 14 Apr 2003

wow hold those horses.

Iam thinking more along the side of ati could be a cause. search for the latest driver, if you have then roll it back. Also to run a dvd doesn't require top specs. I ran it on a athlon 500mhz, with128mb ram, ati card. it is not that powerful, but it is dependant on systems setups.

  AMD 4 ever 23:19 14 Apr 2003

try these options first.

run sfc,defrag,virus check,dxdiag check, then lets turn off resources in msconfig. do you have the dvd as a master or slave setup?

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