SECURITY for Word Documents

  novis 19:22 26 Apr 2010

How do I send someone a word document so that they cant make any changes. I'm aware of the read-only option, but that doesn't prevent someone saving it as a copy and making changes.

I run Vista on a laptop - and all I've succeeded in doing by altering the security options is creating a document that I can neither open nor delete.

What's the answer to this. A PDF isn't - I've been asked to send it in Word.

  mfletch 19:28 26 Apr 2010

Just a idea

Take a screen shot of it so its a picture {jpeg}

Plus water mark it.

  lister_infiji 21:26 26 Apr 2010

I can't give you a definitive answer simply because I don't have multiple user accounts to test on currently. Also you did not specify which version of Word.

However, assuming Word 2007, which I have just taken a look at:

Go to the 'review' tab and then click the button on the far right labelled 'protect document' to the far right. I note you can apply editing restrictions to particular users. What I couldn't test without another user account to use is whether you can change these restriction settings with another account.

Also on this screen there is a 'restrict permission' link in the bottom right which I believe would be much more comprehensive, but this requires a further installation from Microsoft it seems.

  ame 21:34 26 Apr 2010

Is there an answer? Even pdf's and jpeg images can be edited these days, can't they?

  Belatucadrus 21:38 26 Apr 2010

Not used it myself, but have a look at click here Office Security OwnerGuard.

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