security for wireless intranet

  sedonajoe 00:24 13 Dec 2007

I have a lap top and belkin wireless modem via cable broadband. Im not sure when I set this up that I added any security to stop other people using my connection. I've tryed a few times but always fail. anybody please help!

  sedonajoe 00:27 13 Dec 2007

Origonal post should have read "belkin router"

  Kemistri 01:19 13 Dec 2007

It's very easy, but without a model number, my instructions will have to be generic.

[1] Open Notepad and type out a long mix of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols. Circa 20 characters. Paste it to the clipboard and save the document with an innocuous title.
[2] Turn off any wireless clients. Access the router over an Ethernet connection. DO NOT access it over a wireless link or leave any wireless links active.
[3] Log in to the router's configuration menu.
[4] In the Wireless section, choose Security.
[5] Select WPA-PSK or WPA2 or similar - not WEP - from the drop-down box.
[6] Paste the key below.
[7] Save and close. Reboot the router.
[8] Take your text file to any and all wireless clients.
[9] Browse for your SSID and attempt to connect. Paste the key twice, once on each line of the pop-up box. Connect.

The above assumes that you are using Windows' Wireless Zero Configuration and NOT any third-party adapter management software.

  LAP 08:09 13 Dec 2007

Noted, thanks.

  sedonajoe 15:26 13 Dec 2007

Derrrrrrrrr!!!!!! 'Absolute beginers' Words of one sylable please. Ethernet connection?????????

  Kemistri 15:44 13 Dec 2007

That's about as simple as networking gets.

  sedonajoe 19:36 13 Dec 2007

ok thanks. I'll try again and hope I don't loose my connection it's frustrating talking to people on the sub continent with the language difference.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:03 14 Dec 2007

Ethernet connection?????????

Cable from your router to the PC click here

Short for service set identifier, a 32-character unique identifier. The SSID differentiates one WLAN from another, so all access points and all devices attempting to connect to a specific WLAN must use the same SSID. A device will not be permitted to join the BSS unless it can provide the unique SSID

Belkin security
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  sedonajoe 20:50 31 Jan 2008

Many thanks to all who took the time to reply. In the end got my son to sort it out. I now run a secure system.

  lester1 00:00 01 Feb 2008

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