Security with web cam

  NoIdea21 03:59 14 Oct 2006

I would like to set up a security camera, using my web cam to monitor my driveway.
Can you recomend any FREE software that would allow me to do this.
Thank you.

  ArrGee 10:36 14 Oct 2006

Did you get any software with the webcam? Do you want to record the video stream?

  STREETWORK 10:51 14 Oct 2006


what you need is a motion detector for your webcam. there are plenty about but mostly they are 'pay for' did you have any software with the webcam which would do this?

  ArrGee 12:03 14 Oct 2006

Not quite sure, here's a free one:
click here

  NoIdea21 16:37 14 Oct 2006

Thank you everyone that was a great help.

  ArrGee 20:22 16 Oct 2006

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