Security Question ?

  vinnyo123 13:52 16 Nov 2004

I have a question and looking for confirmation or some Ideas. I was recently looking at some proxy companies for my network ( for further security ).
I ran numerous test and all came back fine , but one stood out. I ran a simple IP test and of course I new my IP will come back. It did , but this time " and never actually seen this before "
my private IP came back with my Class C address. Now this is rediculous , in order for them to get this they would have to get my Gateway Router's "Routing table" correct or no ?
Or is my Gateway Router sending this info in the header of the Packet , Datagram ,." this would be useless for NAT ".

Suggestions comments always learning LOL.

Thanks in advance

  recap 14:08 16 Nov 2004

I believe that if you are "Broadcasting" your IP then the answer to your question is Yes.

  vinnyo123 16:07 16 Nov 2004

Do you mean broadcasting my Private IP. More detail. examples "Netbeui" "IIS" but shouldn't Router not add private IP in Packet?

I am on the trail of port 113 being the victim.(IDENT). Which some servers still use for Identification. I tried to forward 113 to an non-routable private IP in my scope but didn't work either.


  vinnyo123 22:26 16 Nov 2004

I have been researching and talking to linksys,problem is if you check site and run test click here via check IP

there is a flaw in JAVA SCRIPT which tells server or scanner your private IP which totally disables NAT. "this can't be good for security,now to find a good block?


  vinnyo123 05:03 09 Dec 2004

I just noticed that if I send an e-mail and I get an Mail Delivery Subsytem error from my ISP's mail server.I noticed in the source code and in the message text it has my public IP and my Private IP now how can that be where is this flaw in Outlook.How to keep Private IP private? LOL

When does it end LOL.

Just curious as usual any comments will be appreciated.

  qwerrtyu 07:14 09 Dec 2004

serial number

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