Security programs on External Hard Drive.

  birdface 09:58 14 Nov 2010

Sorry probably a daft question.
I have an external hard drive that i have not used although my brother in law has put some photos etc on it.
If I gave this to my son could he download security programs on it so that they will run on his computer.
I tried downloading Emisoft on to his computer yesterday but it keeps freezing as he is short of disk space and he has only got 512 Mb ram its an old computer on its last legs.I think Emisoft uses about 130 Mb on its own.
I would have thought that security programs would need to be downloaded on to the computer for them to work correctly.
So any Info welcome.

  Bapou 10:08 14 Nov 2010

May be they work more efficiently from the computer hard drive but, there are portable programs available.

Try: click here

  birdface 10:57 14 Nov 2010

Yes my thoughts as well.
He had one poker program in add remove that was using about 230Mb and tried to remove it but it would not let me.
maybe it had already been removed and only that part was left.
Computer way past its sell by date must be about 7 years old now.
Will have another look at it tomorrow and see if there is any other programs that can be removed.
But whatever happens I don't think that there will be any room for Emisoft.
might just download malwarebytes instead.

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