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  douglas1973 23:05 09 May 2005

When I tested the security of my computer on the Symantec website I received an alert that Port 80 was open followed by the following:

"80 HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). HTTP is used to transfer Web pages over the Internet. Port 80 should be open only if you're running a Web server".

That's fine but why on earth then does Symantec leave it it open in the first place and how do you close it? You would think they would tell you!

Can anybody help?

Incidentally I agree with the readers who criticise the program. It is a monster and gives you nothing but headaches and is a nightmare to uninstall and reinstall.

  DieSse 23:10 09 May 2005

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  DieSse 23:14 09 May 2005

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  Number 7 23:32 09 May 2005

Port 80 must always be open- it's the port that incoming and outgoing HTTP uses.

Having said that, your firewall should report the state of the port as "stealth" to an external test- the port is still open, it's just that its state is reported as niether open or closed.

If you use a router to connect to the internet, then have a look at its settings- if port 80 is reported open, then the port is open on the WAN side of your router.

There will be a setting to turn this off.

  douglas1973 18:30 11 May 2005

I appreciate the feedback received but feel none the wiser but I suppose I must be stupid. Should the Port 80 be opne or closed? If it should be closed, how do you close it?

  DieSse 18:34 11 May 2005

Use a firewall and forget about it! Sygate Personal os free for personal use, and works well. click here

  VCR97 18:57 11 May 2005

Quoted from Microsoft Anti-Spyware Help file:

"...downloads available updates through Port 80, which is also the port for regular internet traffic."

" that the software on the computer can communicate over Port 80 and 443. By default these should already be open to allow for standard Web-based traffic to flow."

  douglas1973 23:50 11 May 2005

Thanks everybody - I am happy now!

  Number 7 00:13 12 May 2005

If you want to use the internet (HTTP) then you can't close port 80.

This port MUST always be OPEN.

Ideally, security scans such as Symantec's should report port 80 to be "Stealthed"- even though it is open.

If you're using Norton Firewall and you're getting reports of port 80 open, then it's down to the configuration of your firewall, or, you're behind a router.

If you're behind a router, then the scan will never get to the software firewall.

The scan will test the WAN (internet-exposed) ports of your router, and it's the configuration of your router that you need to look at.

If you're using a router, there will be a setting to turn off port 80 broadcasting its state to the internet.

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