Security phone calls. scam

  Hrosir 11:30 20 Dec 2010

Hi, a friend of mine recently received a phone call from someone claiming that there was a problem with his computer and that he could help remove suspicious files. Unfortunately, my friend had had some problems with his mouse cursor sticking, so assumed that this was what was meant. The caller then asked for remote assistance to help him remove what he refereed to as a malicious file and offered him a good anti virus programme to protect him further!After, this call he was left a contact number but he refused the offer of the programme at £80. Is there any chance that this person can access his computer later without his knowledge? Any further advice would be appreciated, Thanks

  March Hare 11:45 20 Dec 2010

As long as he didn't download anything or click on anything he should be OK.

This is a well-known SCAM. Put the phone down!

  lotvic 11:54 20 Dec 2010

There is no way any cold caller knows you even have a pc or if there is a problem with it.

Did he allow the Remote Access?
By that I mean did they get Remote Access to his pc and install their program and have access to all his files on his harddrive? If they did then it depends if they installed any program that would send data back to them - like malware spyware.
Hopefully it was just the 'normal' scam to get bank details and a payment over the phone.

I would suggest a System Restore to a date before the scam.

Yes it is a well known scam, like a cold caller at your door pretending you have a problem with your electric/gas/water and can they come in and fix it....

  Sea Urchin 12:07 20 Dec 2010

Looks like he might have done

The caller then asked for remote assistance to help him remove what he refereed to as a malicious file and offered him a good anti virus program to protect him further!

  cocteau48 12:17 20 Dec 2010

I do like to string them along for as long as possible. Play dumb and ,as slowly as possible,follow their instructions,knowing full well that they will end up in your event viewer where they will try and convince you that any warning sign within event viewer is evidence of some form of infection.
At that point I tell then it would appear that I know more about computers than they do and,after a "have a nice day" just put the phone down.

  Hrosir 12:42 20 Dec 2010

Thanks for the advice all; it seems he opened several folders and files so I'm not sure what if any info was gained. My friend now daren,t go on-line in case the scammer can reopen his pc remotely. I don't think this is possible, or is it? Would running a full system scan with anti virus prog. help with the modem pulled out to prevent on line connection?

  cocteau48 13:18 20 Dec 2010

If he has not physically downloaded anything then he should be in the clear.
If he has then it will be a program which would allow the scammer to take remote control of his computer and this program is unlikely to show up on a virus scan.
The program needs to be located and removed in its entirety but even this action would not rule out the possibility that if the scammer has taken control of the computer at any time then he may have installed some other form of nasty.

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