Security on modem/router for a newbie

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I now have the router running but was a little fazed by the security set up (well didn't understand it all !) could somebody explain as if speaking to a 5 yr old what i have to do Regarding this:-
I don't have my laptop yet so I don't have a wireless card as such (currently connected using Ethernet cable from PC to modem/router)
WEP Security Encryption
Authentication Type
Normally this can be left at the default value of "Automatic." If that fails, select the appropriate value - "Open System" or "Shared Key." Check your wireless card's documentation to see what method to use.
Encryption Strength
Select the WEP Encryption level:
• 64-bit (sometimes called 40-bit) encryption
• 128-bit encryption
You can manually or automatically program the four data encryption keys. These values must be identical on all PCs and Access Points in your network.
Automatic Key Generation (Passphrase)
Enter a word or group of printable characters in the Passphrase box and click the Generate button to automatically configure the WEP Key(s). If encryption strength is set to 64 bit, then each of the four key boxes will automatically be populated with key values. If encryption strength is set to 128 bit, then only the selected WEP key box will automatically be populated with key values.
Manual Entry Mode
Select which of the four keys will be used and enter the matching WEP key information for your network in the selected key box.
For 64 bit WEP - Enter ten hexadecimal digits (any combination of 0-9, A-F).
For 128 bit WEP - Enter twenty-six hexadecimal digits (any combination of 0-9, A-F).
Be sure to click Apply to save your settings in this menu.
WPA-PSK Security Encryption
Network Key
For WPA-PSK, you need to enter the Network Key here. The Key must be from 8 to 63 ASCII characters. Your Wireless Stations must use the same key.
WPA Encryption
Currently, only TKIP is supported. Ensure your Wireless Stations are also using TKIP. Normally, this is the default. If there is no choice of encryption methods for WPA-PSK, then you can assume TKIP will be used.
WPA-802.1x Security Encryption
Radius Server Name/IP Address
Enter the name or IP address of the Radius Server on your LAN.
• Each user (Wireless Client) must have a "user" login on the Radius Server.
• This device must have a "client" login on the Radius server. The login name is the name of this device.
Radius Port
Enther the port number which is used for connections to your Radius Server.
Shared Key
Enter the shared key, as configured on your Radius server, for the "client" login for this device

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  LAP 19:27 06 Oct 2005

The idea of the 'WPA-PSK Security Encryption Network Key ' is: If you set up a wireless connection to the internet 'a not very nice person' could be within a short distance of your house use your connection to the net as well as possible see what your looking at as well as what you have on your computer. Well that's what I'm led to believe. So when your asked on set up for advanced security ie WPA tick yes and enter a code 'The Key must be from 8 to 63 ASCII characters ie '34retgg54ml09sw23'or whatever write it down. Then no one can just latch onto your computer.

I have 2 computers in the same room, both wireless. Each computers network adaptor and the wireless router all have the same code so they can 'talk' to each other, but not to anyone else.

  [email protected] 19:41 06 Oct 2005

So I just make up a code myself? I did that with WEP and then hit the "Generate Key" button and 4 keys appeared but I didn't know what to do with them so I just hit apply- do I do more or less the same for the wpa now? How do I tell my laptop to use the connection with the keys?

  Forum Editor 19:42 06 Oct 2005

are you running?

  [email protected] 19:49 06 Oct 2005

The Netgear DG834Gt

  [email protected] 21:19 06 Oct 2005

I have set the WEP bit and also ticked the box which says only listed PC can share the connection- I'm off to look at WPA now!

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