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  wightman 15:20 07 Jul 2008

Hi Guy's
I have a problem with the security levels of my NetGear Modem/Router. On my Desktop PC I logged in to the router and set the security to WAP2-PSK saved and logged out. I then bot the laptop and logged in to router and tried to set the same router security level, each time I tried to save settings it defaulted back to WEP. The only way I could get both PC's set to the same security level was to set the Desktop back to WEP. Obviously this has the potential to breach my security. Any body out there know the fix to this problem please? By the way both PC's are running Windows Vista sp1. Both are fully updated to current M/S updates. Cheers

  Ashrich 23:39 07 Jul 2008

Make , model and version of Netgear modem/router please ?


  wightman 03:27 08 Jul 2008

Hi Ashrich
Sorry for those basic omissions,

Modem/Router Netgear DG834G ver.4

Thanks for giving me your time.

Cheers wightman

  Ashrich 08:48 08 Jul 2008

Why are you logging in twice to set security ? Surely , once it is set all you need to do is to boot the laptop , scan for networks , find yours and connect to it , entering the security code when asked , Vista will automatically remember it and log you in again on reboot . Sorry if it seems I am teaching my grandmother to suck eggs , but the security is set for the router , not for the desktop or laptop , you don't need to log in and set it for each machine .


  wightman 13:07 08 Jul 2008

Hi Ashrich
I take your point about the settings on the modem/router, on the face of it it sounds to answer the question. However please see the following 'quote' taken from NetGears web site on setting up the DG834G v4.........

"After you enable wireless security features
on the router (or access point), you must
configure your wireless clients (wireless
computers) with matching settings. Your
wireless clients will not be able to connect
unless you configure matching settings.
* Its recommended you enable these wireless
security settings from a computer wired to the
router (or access point).".....

I am aware that I might be completely wide of the mark here but the word seem to indicate that a Laptop, say used "wirelessly, should be hard wired to the router to enable the encryption settings. Then when both or more wireless stations are all set to the same encryption levels they can be used via wireless system. A simple but confusing issue!


  Ashrich 14:42 08 Jul 2008

No no , only one PC , usually the desktop should be " originally " hard wired to the router to set it up . When all is connected to the internet and the security set , then that is it , nothing else needs to be done . The PC used to set the router can then be left hard wired as it is , or can be wireless enabled as preferred , any other PC or laptop wishing to connect wirelessly can do so just by scanning for networks , selecting yours and entering the security key , that is all that is needed .


  wightman 16:07 08 Jul 2008

Hi Ashrich
Finally it has sunk in :o( Thank you for being so patient. Some times its difficult to see the wood for the tree's; I was convinced that my interpretation of the settings was right,never mind onward and upward.

wightman :o)

  80n37 14:58 06 Aug 2008

For help with Wireless Security, click here

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