Security information is taking over.....

  Jeffersonrex 22:42 03 Mar 2009

A security information box has completely taken over three of my sites forcing me to close one down and now threatening my "Amazon" site. It constantly pops up on every page and will not respond immediately to its "yes" or "no " box . Kubricks "Hal" returns ! I have gone to "tools", internet favourites but cannot find it. The box has a is headed Security Information , has a "yellow Padlock" logo and states "This page contains both insecure and non-insecure information ete etc. Im not sure if its a microsoft genuine whatever or what. Can anyone help please

  Diodorus Siculus 11:23 04 Mar 2009

Are these sites you have created?

You might need to explain the situation a little more. Do you mean sites that you visit perhaps?

The message re secure/insecure items is a standard message that pops up depending on the nature of the site.

  stebull77 11:46 04 Mar 2009

I have seen this message whenever i am buying somthing from a site? Does it ask if you want to display the non secure items?

  Diodorus Siculus 11:53 04 Mar 2009

I often get those message re secure/non-insecure items. Not a problem.

  stebull77 12:01 04 Mar 2009

Me too, i normally just click yes to display items and the box closes and i carry on doing what i was doing

  Jeffersonrex 14:43 04 Mar 2009

Thankyou every one for your replies......The sites I am having trouble with are sites that hold details of my bank a/c such as On-line betting sites / Amazon. I dont mind the "Warning box appearing once" but it appears every click of the mouse which is ludicrous. Strangely , it doesnt appear on ebay or my bank site. When the box now appears it doesnt respond first time to a Yes/No answer and is getting worse by the week. On occasion its freezing the page.

  Jeffersonrex 15:06 04 Mar 2009

Does anyone know who actually puts the warning there in the first place. I have prevx 2.0 on my site plus Bulldog or is it Microsoft

  gazzaho 16:08 04 Mar 2009

I googled it and found this as a way to switch it off, I haven't tested it yet to see if it works but you could give it a try. click here

  Sea Urchin 19:06 04 Mar 2009

If this the prompt box you are getting then it is the genuine article.

click here

I shop on one particular site where it crops up on every screen I go to, but I don't receive it at all on Amazon. Yours sounds as though it's working overtime.

If you are using IE7 check on Tools/Internet Options/Advanced tab and scroll down towards the bottom - make sure that there is NOT a tick in the checkbox beside "Warn if changing between Secure and Not Secure Mode"

If that doesn't help then try gazzaho's suggestion.

  Sea Urchin 20:29 04 Mar 2009

I can confirm that gazzaho's suggestion does seem to work

  Jeffersonrex 20:30 04 Mar 2009

Thanks Gazzaho, my blood pressure has just been lowered. It would appear you have resolved my problem. Im very grateful. Reading the blogs on the site, one guy said he had to delete the box 900 times a day . I cannot believe he had never heard of PC advisor . Thanks to you all Jefferson

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