Security-closing those open ports

  Kalb 12:01 09 Apr 2005

Ref the recent here have run the Symantec Online Scan and find that the following three ports are open to threat

ICMP Ping.....Port 23 Telnet...and Port 80 HTTP

How do I close these ports or are they not important from a security angle ?

WinXPSP2 system running Adaware,AVG & ZoneAlarm

  pj123 13:01 09 Apr 2005

I have just run Shields Up from click here and apparently my computer does not exist.

So passed with flying colours.

  Kalb 13:55 09 Apr 2005

Not sure my link to the previous thread works !

It was the 'Definitive List of Should Haves' but you have a real winner in terms of security for your invisible PC is unlikely to be threatened !!

  pj123 14:25 09 Apr 2005

Correct, it didn't work. Perhaps this one will:

click here

But regardless of that please give grc a try and see what your score is.

  Stuartli 15:30 09 Apr 2005

On your very same website, go to:

click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:44 09 Apr 2005

'It was the 'Definitive List of Should Haves' but you have a real winner in terms of security for your invisible PC is unlikely to be threatened !!'....NO PC is invisible on the net. You have to have an IP address assigned to the computer-you have the IP address-the ports are there. Gibson's boxes of tricks only 'hides' the ports, they do NOT remove them. It does not take a genius to work of that if there is an IP address then the ports, by default, are there.

Just in case anyone puts too much faith in Barrow-boy Gibson.... click here click here
for an easier read without all the violently coloured text and OTT 'design'.


  pj123 15:51 09 Apr 2005

GANDALF <|:-)>, I agree with you up to a point.

If someone (grc) tries to break into my PC deliberately and can't, then surely others who try to get in on "spec" can't either?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:00 09 Apr 2005

If a 17yr old from the welsh valleys can break into 150 secure US Defence computers, home computers have no chance. The fact that home computers are not being hacked to death speaks volumes....there is nothing remotely of any interest on them. Home computers contain drivel...important to the owner but naff all use to anyone else.

Just follow the SIMPLE rules in this thread, towards the end, and you will be MORE than well protected.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:04 09 Apr 2005

....*ahem* here


  jbp1982 16:09 09 Apr 2005

Can't close all ports while you want the internet.

If you want to close them all, easiest way.......disconnect your modem.

  pj123 16:15 09 Apr 2005

GANDALF <|:-)>, OK I concede. As you say my computer contains drivel. Important to me but just rubbish to anyone else. So why would anyone want to break in to my computer? Well they could use it to "spam", key logging, rogue diallers, or just to send viruses etc...

Hopefully with the protection I have (AVG, Adaware, Spybot, Spywareblaster and Zonealarm) I think I am pretty well protected.

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