Security alerts

  otubby1 00:03 29 Apr 2003

I use PCCillin as my antivirus. Whenever I am on the net, my capsule icon turns to a bell to tell me the computer is being got at. I know it is usually a cookie, but can anybody put my mind at rest and tell me what:
'Netbios Browsing' and 'Ping attack' mean, please.

  powerless 00:09 29 Apr 2003

Netbios - click here

Ping - click here

PCCillin comes with a firewall? Your computer is being looked at by other computer to see if it can share its resources (netbios). Which it ill not do anyway. The ping is just a check to see if your PC is still conneced to the internet.

There harmless.

  otubby1 00:20 29 Apr 2003

Thanks Powerless, I just needed to know in case I was on the road to trouble.

  otubby1 00:23 29 Apr 2003

Sorry, I forgot to answer your query Powerless. Yeah, I got it on the modem driver CD when I changed to BT Broadband.

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