Security Alert

  ened 14:44 06 May 2009

There I was happily browaing away when I tried to access this site and got the following message:
Your request has triggered a security alert....."

I noticed I had been logged out and was not able to log in (although that might have been my fault for wrong password).

I tried closing the browser and even re-booted but still the same message.

All other sites were okay and I have just tried again (approx one hour later)and all is okay.

Did this happen to anyone else?

  Pineman100 14:47 06 May 2009

Yes - to me. The site was v-e-r-y slow loading, so I clicked "Refresh" and got that security alert.

It seems OK now.

  Zeppelyn 14:48 06 May 2009

Yup and I thought it was Windows 7 (IE8) that did it as was having a break from setting it up.

  ened 14:52 06 May 2009

Not me then!

  cocteau48 15:01 06 May 2009

Not just you ened ... same here

  sunnystaines 15:08 06 May 2009

seems we all got caught with it, had me running SAS scan in case I was infected.

  OTT_Buzzard 15:18 06 May 2009

Yep, had the same on and off for the last hour or two

  skeletal 15:39 06 May 2009

And me! Following all my problems with Opera, I have now moved to IE8 which until this, was working fine...

Oh no I thought...


  sunnystaines 17:00 06 May 2009

my SAS antispyware scan threw up a pcadvisor tracking cookie not done that before not sure if harmless just for tracking the posts you view or how much it tracks. SAS had to reboot to clear it.

not login cookie thats still intact.

  User-1229748 17:59 06 May 2009

it happened to me today while i was using ie6 so i installed ie8 thinking it may have been down to ie6.oh well i suppose it's about time i went to ie8 anyway :o)

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