webbit69 00:09 23 Apr 2008

security on your pc is such a headache, with beahvioural programs like mamutu, prevx and threatfire around, and the usual suspect from the anti virus league like kaspersky, bit defender, avira ect, and also firewalls what should we go for. Im a firm beliver you get what you pay for. Security suites i think are bloated and trip over themselves so i generally go for seperate programs, i currently run on my vista partition prevx 2, a squared anti malware and pc tools firewall.
On my xp partition i run avira anti virus, mamutu and pc tools firewall. Any suggestions as to any other better combination.

  Lee.C 01:18 23 Apr 2008

I definitely agree about the 'bloat' bit. Not so sure about 'you get what you pay for' though.

Although the free programs may lack a few of the extra features found in the paid-for versions, in my experience they're just as good/bad at actually keeping the pc secure.

My combinations...
No seperate firewall (I find the combination of the inbuilt Windows one and my router's enough).

Mind you, it's illegal for anyone under the age of 16 to go near my computer. I'd probably be a bit more thorough it that wasn't the case :)

  Batch 09:33 23 Apr 2008

You'll find that people have their personal preferences for a variety of reasons and it is difficult to get any clear cut objective list.

For example, I use the following (all free)"active" elements:

AVG AV (including a daily full scan)
ZoneAlarm Firewall
SpyBot S&D (e.g. browser helper & tea-timer)
plus router firewall

I also run the following about once a week:
Ad-Aware 2007
Sophos AntiRootkit
Spybot S&D (full scan)
TrendMicro HouseCall

Why these?
I've been using AVG and ZoneAlarm as main for years (e.g. before I had broadband and a router with a firewall)and they've worked for me and never had cause to look elsewhere or change.

I started using Ad-Aware a long time ago as well. Then Spybot S&D crept in along the way because it seems to have a very good reputaion. Then I've added the others in and not bothered about getting rid of them.

OTT a bit I know. But that's the point I can't give an objective reason other than they've (seemingly) worked for me (so far).

  Mac70 10:46 23 Apr 2008

I use on XP pc
AVG anti-virus
Zone Alarm firewall
Malwarebytes Antimalware Pro <--(I get that for free)
Winpatrol Pro <--(also for free)

on my Kubuntu pc
Nothing, nada, nil

  thetic 16:15 23 Apr 2008

Hi i use avg free anti virus plus commdo firewall plus cc cleaner plus avg free rooktkits. is that to much?

  thetic 16:27 23 Apr 2008

Sorry what i mean is my pc takes ages to start up when i first put it on. Could all the security be slowing it up?

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