logrin 10:57 20 Aug 2004

I have read all the articles on security, one question:- Since I had Norton installed with my laptop when I bought it and have religiously updated every time this was requested, do I need to install Zone Alarm and Ad-aware? When I installed these on my previous PC they interfered with my AOL set up.
Should I install these after I run the SP11 program,the last MS Internet Explorer update caused my Norton Antivirus to become unenabled and I had to remove it and reload it with great dificulty

  no-name 11:10 20 Aug 2004

Keep away from Zone Alarm if you're running Norton firewall and anti-virus.

I had huge compatibility problems when I tried to run them together.

  Sapins 11:48 20 Aug 2004

click here might be of some help before you install SP2

  logrin 15:40 20 Aug 2004

thanks for your advice, is firewall protection included in my Norton program?

  Belatucadrus 17:14 20 Aug 2004

There are several Norton security packages, some include firewall others don't. As you haven't yet said which one you're running, we can't say for sure. If it's only 'Anti Virus' instead of 'Internet Security ' then the answer is probably no.

If you run SP2 then the windows firwall is going to be enabled, so if you do add a third party firewall click here don't forget to disable the Windows one.

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