@Home 12:59 20 Jan 2004

I know the firewall subject is a well worn subject but bear with me…..

I have recently bought one of the all in one Internet Security Packages. I.E Anti virus, Firewall and Spam filter etc.
Now while I am happy with its performance thus far, I am a little concerned about the Firewall’s ability.

I have run the Gibson Port Probe and it came back with Stealth Mode. Which is very good, but when I ran the Leak Test and it failed?
So I set it to high security and it still failed. I also ran all the tests on the Sygate site, and it passed all them.

So what I am asking is am being too ‘picky’? If the firewall passes the port probe, is that enough to ensure my security? Should I be concerned about the Leak test failure?

What in your opinion should be my best course of action? Should I get a separate firewall and turn the other one off or stick with the one ‘built-in’ and feel safe.


you probably just need to tweak your configuration a little, (did you allow leak test out? you have to say NO).

  @Home 13:22 20 Jan 2004

I wasn't asked if I want to let the leak test out. When I clicked 'Test' it was instantly penetrated.

  Bally 2k4 15:58 20 Jan 2004

Try this thread click here

  @Home 23:40 20 Jan 2004

I looked and it hasn't really answered my question. But thanks.

Is there anyone who can help me out?

  DieSse 23:45 20 Jan 2004

Have you asked the software manufacturer for their view of the test failure?

  pc moron 23:56 20 Jan 2004

Have you somehow told the firewall to let Leaktest connect without warning you?

I know Norton firewall does a program scan on installation and asks you to configure internet access for the programs it finds.

  @Home 00:00 21 Jan 2004

No I haven't.

I thought the good people on here would have some experience with all in one Internet software and could help me out.

Maybe going to the software manufacturer is like poo pooing their product. Which is OK apart from the 'suspect' Firewall.

  @Home 00:03 21 Jan 2004

pc moron:
I don't have that luxury.

  pc moron 00:09 21 Jan 2004


  @Home 00:15 21 Jan 2004

pc moron

The Firewall didn't ask if I wanted to allow or block.

Please look at the whole thread.

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