Securing a wireless network

  lasttoke 17:10 31 Jul 2006

I've just bought and setup a belkin wireless router, with a modem (wired), laptop (wireless) and a dektop pc (wireless via usb network adapter) connected to it, however the network is currently unsecure, and i need to know how to secure it. I've been told to contact belkin, however i've already spent an hour on there and, well, they're useless. PLEASE HELP

  ade.h 17:17 31 Jul 2006

click here Hope that helps. Let me know either way, as the feedback is useful to me.

  lasttoke 17:29 31 Jul 2006

I think it is, although im not sure yet, i'll tell you definatley when i know. Thanks

  dms05 06:40 01 Aug 2006

Nice link. Looks like a useful site.

Quote "If you use cable internet access from NTL or Telewest, you will need to retain your cable modem and connect it to a Cable/DSL router that does not have a built-in modem. Some cable customers may have internet access from an ADSL provider that has an arrangement to use your cable company's phone line; if you have this kind of service, your modem will need to be replaced with a combined modem/router."

The final few words "your modem will need to be replaced with a combined modem/router." Should this read "your modem will need to be replaced with a combined ADSL modem/router"?

  ade.h 14:44 01 Aug 2006

Don't be picky ;-) I started that project months ago and it's tiring me out now!

I'll change it for you forthwith! LOL.

  dms05 16:58 01 Aug 2006

ade.h - just to make it clear for newbies!

Don't worry, you have the rest of your life to finish it!

  ade.h 17:15 01 Aug 2006

Oh, don't say that. I want to get it finished soon!

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