securing a wifi connection

  squidder 12:07 08 Sep 2007

hi folks,

how do you secure your laptop so that other people in range cannot 'share' you wireless connection?

i'm really new to all this, sorry if this is a really dumb question!

many thanks

  lil27 12:52 08 Sep 2007


You need to access the routers configuration page to do this. The IP address of the router needs to be entered into your web browser. e.g click here. Refer to you routers set up information or manual.

When accessed, you will need to go to the security settings where you will need to select a shared key (password). If your router has the option, you should really use WPA security and not WEP.

  dan* 14:10 08 Sep 2007

Whats the make and model of the router?

  Strawballs 20:48 10 Sep 2007
  skidzy 21:35 10 Sep 2007

So much is made of WEP not being good enough and easily cracked.

WPA-Personal and WPA-Enterprise are prefered over WEP.

WEP is the easiest to setup,and is used in my network coupled with the routers firewall and a third party firewall offering inbound and outbound protection configured to suit the network needs.

This setup has run for three years and has not been compromised.

You would have to be extremely unlucky to have your WEP key cracked and bypassing the firewalls to gain access to your connection.

  irishrapter 06:32 11 Sep 2007

WEP can be broken in about five to ten minutes.
I have cracked my own 128 bit WEP key in a little over 6 minutes.

Yes a good software firewall can stop people from accessing your computer but it won't stop them from using your Internet when they have cracked the WEP key.
They can also just simply monitor and capture the wireless traffic coming to and from your router and decrypt it.

click here to go to a good forum about security.

  julius44 07:56 11 Sep 2007

Hello in Gods name did u manage to crack your 128bit WEP code pls?? I've always assumed its very hard to crack

  irishrapter 18:42 11 Sep 2007

I don't think its within the forum rules for me to give a step by step guide into WEP cracking but here are a few sites to visit.

The main piece of software that I was for any network testing is called "BackTrack". Its a Linux based OS but don't let that put you off! Its a very good way to learn.
click here to go to the website that hosts the OS.
click here for their forum.
click here for a very good article on WEP cracking.

  skidzy 19:13 11 Sep 2007

"I don't think its within the forum rules for me to give a step by step guide into WEP cracking"

You are basically doing exactly this !!

Like ive said before,you would be extremely unlucky to be the victim of a hacker.
Im sure there are bigger fish out there.

Just to add and depending on the router,you could also hide the router from view from within the routers configuration.

  irishrapter 19:32 11 Sep 2007

I didn't give a step by step guide within the forum, just a few links to what is very easily found using Google.

You can make your router "hidden" but it is still seen by most wireless network scanners as the router and wireless client still have to transmit radio signals.

  irishrapter 21:12 11 Sep 2007

For more information about "hidden" wireless networks click here

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