Secure sites over satellite broadband

  Beaudelaire 19:08 14 Sep 2003

Working and living far from civilization, I have recently installed two-way satellite broadband as an alternative to my huge ISDN bills.

My problem is that I cannot access some of the very same sites that I used to use on ISDN. I CAN access secure sites in general, but once I get all logged on etc I get an "Error connecting through the SOCKS proxy" message and cannot process any further. On the same machine, moments later, I can dial up ISDN and complete the access.. but once I switch back to the broadband it fails again! Any ideas anyone?

For the record I'm running XP Pro and IE6, but as the machine is capable of doing what I need over ISDN, I assume problem is elsewhere.

Many thanks for any help.. I'm all out of ideas here.

  mark500 19:18 14 Sep 2003

click here Read all the article>It supplies some info on proxy. Hope it helps:-))

  Beaudelaire 19:31 14 Sep 2003

Thanks mark500. Some good info in that article.

I think that "Configure the browser to use proxy XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX on port XXXX, for all protocols and XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX on port XXXX for socks." may be the releavnt bit.

I have set my LAN settings to use the proxy given to me by the Satellite ISP. But they never mentioned anything about "socks", so I am using same proxy for all protocols (but I am bypassing the proxy for secure sites, as they will generally not permit its use). I've also searched XP help for any mention of "socks" and it does not appear at all!

Is there a LAN setting for these socks somehwere? (and what is/are socks anyway?)

  mark500 19:35 14 Sep 2003

click here All about socks (Cheesy) :0))

  The Idle one 19:44 14 Sep 2003

I have had satellite b/b for over 1 year & have had very few probs - however i chaged computers earelir this year.
This caused probs - if using previosly USB - would drop out after a few minutes - also if using interthreadig on the latest pentium it had to be disabled.
On loading satellite software - the lan software does NOT overwite certain files [sorry cant remember which]
if on bt satellite they have note of relevant files on their d/base.
ope this might be of help

good luck

  Beaudelaire 19:56 14 Sep 2003

Thanks Colin and Mark. I find the Sat broadband really very good speed and consistency-wise etc -- apart from this one issue above.

So it seems that socks is some kind of generic proxy outside my control.

I've contacted the ISP who say they've not come accros this prob before, but maybe I should re-address this with them.

Cheers and thanks for help. Any further suggestion as to how to solve this problem are of course welcome.

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