Secure network

  midian 20:03 28 Jun 2006

On my ZD lan wireless configuration tool i can see on the SSID sometimes 2-3 other networks on there, is there anyway to stop these from using my network?, how do i make my network more secure?

  skidzy 20:42 28 Jun 2006

Have you enabled the WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) encryption,this should have the option of 64 bit or 128 bit level of security.

You will possibly have to set this up if you have not done so yet.

If your Wep is set to off,you need to go through the settings and manually set this up.

As im a novice to the wireless setups i may well be corrected on my posting,but im pretty sure its correct.

Hope this helps.

  mgmcc 20:44 28 Jun 2006

You should enable encryption in your router's wireless settings - WEP or, preferably, WPA which is stronger. You then need to enter the same encryption key that you entered into the router into any wireless adapters that want to connect with.

  ade.h 21:19 28 Jun 2006

Write your WPA-PSK in a text fiel first, then paste into the router's config UI and into the connection interface of any wireless clients. It avoids critical typos. Make it at least 20 characters, using numbers, letters and symbols.

  ade.h 21:19 28 Jun 2006

Or a text FILE even.

  midian 10:16 25 Jul 2006

Where do i enter the key in order to secure my network? i dont want to get it wrong and lose it all.
The router is set to WPA. There is a Group Key Interval, 802.1x Server IP address... along with port/secret. And PSK String... so what do i do here?

  ade.h 14:18 25 Jul 2006

PSK String....

(Pre-Shared Key)

  midian 14:35 25 Jul 2006

Ok, Thanks champ

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