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  granovsky 11:31 25 Aug 2007

Hi, I'm hoping someone can help with this I'm at my wits end........

I recently bought an HP Laptop and signed up with Talk Talk Broadband.I have an Echolife HG520s router and I operate on Vista. I set up the router itself after a long phone call to Tech Support and its working fine but I'm trying to make the connection secure and its just not happening!!

I've been on to Windows Help and Support and clicked on 'set up a wireless router or access point' the wizard I'm told will guide me through setting up a security key. But when I try to move through the wizard I'm instantly told that 'windows did not detect any wireless network hardware' I've tried plugging the router into the machine with the ethernet cable but still get the same response? The only other advice given is to 'check the information that came with the router for more detailed instructions' but being Talk Talk, the router didn't come with any instructions...

I managed to find a post on this site dated 4/8/07 which gave detailed instructions for my problem involving typing into the address bar which should then open a new window and allow me to do it that way but all i get is an error message that windows could not open the web page?!

Any advice would be MASSIVELY appreciated.


  Stuartli 12:02 25 Aug 2007

You have to enter a username and password before being able to enter the browser page on - it's more often than not Admin (or admin) and the same for the password.

Details of the confgiuration at:

click here

  Stuartli 12:03 25 Aug 2007

Also see:

click here

  howard64 12:06 25 Aug 2007

are you sure this is the correct address mine is but they are all different or could be. Also is there not a label on the bottom of the router with its log in details such as admin and password for password etc.

  Taff™ 12:31 25 Aug 2007

click here Previous thread on this exact subject with a step by step guide from LeeThC who has obviously done it!

  Stuartli 13:24 25 Aug 2007

There are variations after 192.168 in certain cases, depending on make of router.

  Stuartli 13:26 25 Aug 2007

I use TalkTalk and my router uses for its configuration.

The username and password is Admin and Admin respectively.

  Spark6 14:18 25 Aug 2007

I have the EchoLife HG520s modem router supplied by TalkTalk and have failed to network it wirelessly. The Netgear unit I am using was straightforward regarding wireless setup and security.

The information supplied by LeeThC failed for me, like you, I was unable to get past the log in. The user name and password is supposedly typed into the window that opens after the log in.

As I am stuck with this currently useless EchoLife unit, having failed to get a sensible response from TalkTalk re returning it for credit, I would be interested to hear from anyone who has succeeded in networking wirelessly one of these routers.

  woodchip 15:01 25 Aug 2007

If you can get into the Setup Page on the Router look for Wireless Settings there should be a way of encrypting it. These settings should be written down so you can enter them into wireless Laptop settings

  daxian 16:50 25 Aug 2007

hi all ....
all routers need to be set up using the ethernet cable in order to make any changes in the router .
making changes while connected via wireless will be lost as soon as you apply the change. you have another pc that connects to the router via ethernet.?if not does the laptop have a switch for the wifi....switch it off if it does and connect using the ethernet cable ...
then log in to the router with in your for wifi is setup in the router.
make a note of the key and password you set in the router, once enabled in the router you disconnect the ethernet, switch on the wireless in the laptop...wait for it to detect networks find your router in the list and click connect will ask you for the key and password ...enter them and you should be connected.....Dave

  ambra4 14:09 07 Sep 2007


EchoLife HG520 Router User Manual Download

Third one down PDF file

click here\

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