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  swapper 10:12 15 May 2004

After a few alterations within my PC, why is it that my second HD is showing as "secondary slave" during start up, and within "My Computer" it shows as "F" drive, after "D" and "E" which are the CD R/W and the DVD Rom.

I have checked the jumper settings and they appear o.k.
It is a Deckstar 40GB and the setting options are - Master Active - Slave Active - Cable select - Master/Slave Present.

it is set to "slave Active" any suggestions please

  oldal 10:24 15 May 2004

The operating sytem has allocated the first free letter (address) to your slave drive.

  swapper 19:51 15 May 2004

oldal, thanks for that , but why would it show "Secondary slave" at start up if the Primary slave section still shows "None", and could I change, by removing the two CD/DVD ROMS from their slot, the second HD to show up as "D" and the two ROMS as "E" and "F"

  Diodorus Siculus 20:18 15 May 2004

Primary / secondary and drive letters correlations are not set in stone; rather they are subject to the whims of the OS. Take the following as an example:

If you have two drives: primary master and secondary master then you will have a C drive and a D drive.

Then you partition C drive; you get

C - first partition on primary master

D - secondary master

E - second partition on primary master

Then you add another drive: primary slave.

Now you have

C- first partition

D - secondary master

E - second partition on primary master

F - primary slave

and so on...

As oldal says, windows allocates drive letters as they are available.

If you want to change drive letters, WinXP makes it easy - back into disk management and you can allocate drive letters as you wish.

  swapper 22:32 15 May 2004

Excellent - job done, thanks (again).

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