Secondary Master Drive ATAPI Incompatible

  Bobly 18:07 17 Oct 2006

Recently upon startup and recovery from hibernation I've been receiving this message on a blank black screen on my laptop:

Secondary Master Drive ATAPI Incompatible

Press F2 to continue (then it runs fine)

With a logo for American Megatrends *checks out website* which make motherboards and BIOS' *checks out computer config* and Oh, suprise... My bios is a Megatrend one...

BIOS Information
Manufacturer: American Megatrends Inc.
Name: Default System BIOS
Version: 2.02W
Version: A M I - 11000524

How much of a bad sign is this error? How long do I have?

I recently (between the error messages and writting this up, I'm trying to reboot the computer the least possible in case it might not start up again so I haven't testing if it's solved the problem or not) set my BIOS to optimum settings after I got to the BIOS menu twice during failed startups before making it work, do you think that may have cleared it?

Laptop fell with me off a bike about a week and a half ago, laptop and I are fine, it was in a backpack especially made for laptops so padded up okay, no significant performance slow-downs or anything since fall, this is the first weird thing so might be un-related...

Alienware M5500, 2Ghz Pentium M intel celeron, 1GB RAM, GeForce 6600 Go.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:34 17 Oct 2006

Attapi Incompatible
click here

  ed-0 18:42 17 Oct 2006

Will probably refer to your optical drive. If the hard drive and optical drive are not listed as secondary master, set the secondary master to none.

If one is listed as secondary master.

If you have no luck reseting the secondary master values in the bios to resolve the problem. Then try setting it to auto.

See if it sorts the problem.

  Bobly 20:22 17 Oct 2006

Hum... Problem... This is in a laptop...
I didn't change anything.. It just randomly started doing this... I'm going to unscrew the bottom and check the connections like the first link says to do and then have a look in the BIOS and make sure everything is automatic (it's <6 months old so it should all be auto) and if all fails I get home sunday and at home I have a seperate computer I can backup stuff on and then I'll just use the disc image that came with the computer to do a clean install if need be...

  Bobly 20:51 17 Oct 2006

Okay I opened the Hard Drive compartment and found that the hard drive just slots into place, the IDE socket is fixed, so there's extra room behind the HDD to push it in/pull it out. I'm guessing it must have just got dislogdged and slightly unplugged. Thanks for the feedback, the link helped.

  ed-0 20:55 17 Oct 2006

" This is in a laptop..."

Yes, you mentioned it.;-)

" I'm going to unscrew the bottom and check the connections like the first link says to do "

It me be best to check the bios to find what is the secondary master. Then you will know if you are looking at the hard drive or the optical ( cdrom / dvdrw ) drive. It maybe that the optical drive has become loose or askew.

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