Secondary hard drive very slow to access - Win XP

  limit1 13:19 11 May 2004

I am running Win XP with 4 IDE devices -2xhard drives and 2 cd/DVD devices. When I loaded XP, accessing all th edrives through windows explorer was almost instantaneous, now it takes upwards of 1 minute to access my secondary hard drive. I have used scandisk on both drives, with no problems highlighted.
If I boot using a win 98 boot disk, I can see both hard drives, and even copy files from one to the other without any delay - this seems to point to it being a software, rather than a hardware problem
This is the second time this problem has occurred, and the only way I could resolve it was to format my C drive and do a clean install.
I have the following software loaded:
Win XP Pro; Office 2000;Zone Alarm; Mcafee v6; AdAware; Corel Photopaint v6; Pinnacle v9; Clone CD; Clone DVD; Nero v5.
Has anyone else had a similar problem, and if so how did you cure it.

  SANTOS7 13:56 11 May 2004

found this on another forum hope it helps:-I had the exact same problem and this was the right solution. But I'd like to clarify a few things for other people who get a little nervous poking around in the bios settings.

Obivous things first, you get to the bios setting by pushing F2 on the first screen that appears when you boot up.

The actual setting you change is called primary 1. This is the slave/second HD that you plugged into the middle connector on the IDE1 cable. You need change this to auto by hitting the spacebar. At first the bios will call it unknown device, but it will update the next time you restart.

Primary 0 is the master drive that gets plugged into the last connector on the IDE cable. I was a bit confused about this at first because there are also secondary drives 0 and 1. But these are the cables for the cd/dvd drives.

Hope this helps for people are not so familiar with bios settings

  limit1 22:08 11 May 2004

Santos, I have already made shure that both IDE hard drives are set to AUTO..... I still have the problem!

  topdraw 22:27 11 May 2004

Go into device manager and check that ide drive controllers are correctly configured, ie cd drives, try setting them as PIO and hard drives as DMA. this should sort the problem out.
Please let us know.

  limit1 08:31 13 May 2004

both my primary master and slave harddrives are set to DMA, as is my CDRW and DVDRW....Still got the problem.

  topdraw 11:03 16 May 2004

"ie cd drives, try setting them as PIO"

  Quiller. 11:26 16 May 2004

How is your IDE configuration setup? What is primary master, primary slave, secondary master, secondary slave?

Have you tried unticking every thing in run\ msconfig \ startup and then rebooting. Try the drive now to see if it is a problem with software on startup. But don't use the internet till you have reset your virus and firewall programmes.

  Quiller. 11:28 16 May 2004

Sorry topdraw it was for limit1, of course.:-(

  limit1 08:48 17 May 2004

Thanks for your input guy's I'll give your sugestions a try and keep you posted.

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