Secondary hard drive as 'master'?

  MartynHoll 07:45 15 Jan 2007

I have just bought a new PC which has a SATA hard drive. I have just fitted my hard drive (IDE) from last PC (as a second drive)into the new one and it is sharing the IDE slot with the DVD writer (there is only one IDE slot on the m/board). I now find that my DVD player is no longer recognised as a DVD writer, is that because I have made the second hard drive as 'slave' (I thought I had to do this for it to work with the SATA hard drive)?

  Batch 08:43 15 Jan 2007

The master / slave settings are per controller (drives on the same controller are on the same ribbon cable).

On each controller one drive should be master and one should be slave. If there is only one drive it should be master (or sometimes the jumper settings allow for a single drive setting).

Assuming that the SATA drive is on a controller on its own, AFAIK there should be no conflict between this and the old HDD and the DVD.

BTW, I assume that SATA works in pretty much the same way as non-serial ATA regarding the cabling / jumpers. But, in any event, if the SATA is on a discrete controller, that shouldn't be the issue.

Can you switch the DVD and old HDD jumpers around so that DVD is slave and old HDD is master?

  MartynHoll 12:42 15 Jan 2007

I am confused!! I have looked in the Set-up menu and the 'Standard CMOS features' page shows IDE Channel 0 Master as the DVD writer, IDE Channel 0 Slave as my old Maxtor drive that I have put in the IDE slot with the DVD player and IDE Channel 2 Master as the new hard drive that came with the PC which is in the SATA slot. If I make the Maxtor drive master by putting in the link, then there is a message telling me to go into CMOS to change the settings - what do I change?

  MartynHoll 13:06 15 Jan 2007

Additional info - when I first boot up and look in My Computer, the DVD writer is showing. When I put a DVD in the player, it won't start and then when you look in my computer, it shows as a CD player!

  thms 13:23 15 Jan 2007

Set DVD as master and HDD as slave. The DVD should be on the connector at the end of the ribbon and the HDD on the middle connector.

Do you have dvd software installed for your dvd writer?

  MartynHoll 13:24 15 Jan 2007

I have now discovered that there was a link in the DVD writer that I have now removed and the second hard drive is now master on IDE 0 with the DVD writer as slave so the PC boots OK now. I still cannot get a program on a DVD to start up as the drive still seems to change it status to CD player!

  MartynHoll 13:26 15 Jan 2007

Yes, I did that and the DVD player would not 'see' DVDs and start the program on them. See my last post, nor the other way around!!

  MartynHoll 13:50 15 Jan 2007

It looks as though I had the wrong ribbon cable!! I have now fitted the original cable and the DVD writer works - the only problem being, the reason I changed it for an old one that I have is because the new one does not reach - off to Maplins!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:38 15 Jan 2007

Old one was obviously a 40wire cable

Modern boards now need the 8o wire ide ribbon cables.

  MartynHoll 07:59 16 Jan 2007

I finally solved by using the 80 wire cable and reversing it so that the plugs could fit the DVD player & the hard drive - RESULT!!

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