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  [email protected]© 19:44 01 Jul 2006

I have my hard drive split in 2. Normal windows etc is on C and I have a partition on 'I' with nothing on it at the moment. How do I put an O/S on 'I' so that I can dual boot and choose which partition I wanna use.

  €dstowe 19:48 01 Jul 2006

Think carefully if this is really what you want to do.

I've had dual/multiple operating systems installed in the past but invariably found that I use only one of them and the other(s) just sit(s) there taking up hard disk space.

I find the disk space quickly gets used for programs and data storage so there's no waste.

  ed-0 19:54 01 Jul 2006

Note what €dstowe has to say. Also you would need to install your programmes on the new operating system, as they would not work off the other partition.

If the second O\S is an upgrade ( better ) than the operating system on the "C" drive. Then just boot to windows on "C" and insert the operating system disk. Use the drop down box to pick " new installation ". the rest should be automatic.

If the operating system is older than the current one. You need to instal a boot manager.

  [email protected]© 19:55 01 Jul 2006

Thanks for your concern €dstowe but I want to try it. We live and learn and I have nothing to lose as I have everything backed up.

  [email protected]© 19:56 01 Jul 2006

It is the same, another XP Pro.

  ton 19:58 01 Jul 2006

HyperOs is the way to go.
Any problem with a Windows system, just delete it and replace it with a backup in about five minutes.

I've been using it for a couple of years, it is so much better than having to rely on one system, and much faster than a system restore.

Plus you can have a sacrificial system to try new software etc., lots of advantages, I certainly wouldn't want to go back to a single system.

  [email protected]© 20:00 01 Jul 2006

What and how do I do that ton?

  ton 20:01 01 Jul 2006

You don't need to install all your software with HyperOs as it just copies your original.

  ed-0 20:02 01 Jul 2006

Then just boot to desktop. Insert disk and see if it will give you a new installation.

I would think that it will not. Yo have probably downloaded microsoft updates, which make your current "C" drive installation supirior to the XP pro disk.

if this is the case. Select your first boot in the bios as cdrom. pop in the XP c\d. save settings and exit ( F10) and it will reboot.

Follow the instructions as if it where a new installation. When it asks which drive you want to use, pick the "I" drive. It will now install XP pro on that drive.

Follow it through. The new operating system will be the default choice at POST. This can be changed as can the time it shows the dual boot screen.

  ton 20:03 01 Jul 2006

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  [email protected]© 20:05 01 Jul 2006

I tried as you said earlier ed-0 but it only gave me 'C' as an option which was my full hard drive.

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