Second keyboard, mouse and monitor?

  murgle 18:27 15 Feb 2004

I have my PC on the second floor of my house (home/office). I would like to be able operate the PC from the lounge on the first floor.

Is it possible to attach a second keyboard, mouse and monitor to the PC on some kind of extension cable so I can operate the PC from the lounge.

Even better would be a wireless system.

Also is it possible to use a TV as a monitor.

Many thanks for any info.

  Ben.s 20:29 15 Feb 2004

USB keyboard/mouse
Extra grafix card
USB extendor x2

it would be a bit of a bother havin to go upstars to turn ur PC on but if u want a wireless keyboard makesure it reaches that distance.

connect your monitor to your extra grafix card
plug usb extender/(wireless keyboard 'n'mouse)and connect keyboard and mouse.but i wouldnt go to all that hassle just to do that.your choice
hope this helps?

  Ben.s 20:35 15 Feb 2004

u could gt a tv out card and connect to a telly and get a cordless mouse/keyboard
that sounds much easyer

  murgle 20:49 15 Feb 2004

Thanks for the advice. The computer is switched on 24/7 so turning on and off is not a problem.

The main reason I want to do this, is to access outlook and take notes if a business call comes in and I answer from the lounge.

Any more advice appreciated.

  Ben.s 21:41 22 Feb 2004

sorry i should hav u hav a grafix card and does it hav a TV out?if so buy a S-video lead(ask for a s-video to scart)make sure the lead is long enough.

if u dont hav a grafix card with a TV out,then im pretty sure u can buy a adapter so u do hav a tv out socket....alternativly u could spend around 40.00(sorry my keyboard doesnt hav pound sighn)on a new Grafix card.i take it u know how to install a grafix card if not look in the PC ADD mag(issue 100).

  BIG ben strikes 10 16:22 11 Mar 2004

hey,have you set your computer up with a extra keyboard/mouse/monitor yet?

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