Second hibernation freezes on XP

  Mike28 14:52 24 Oct 2004

My laptop running XP hibernates (applies equally to stand-by) normally first time, and comes out of hibernation normally. The second time of hibernation the screen freezes with the message 'Windows is preparing to hibernate', and does not progress to the hibernation screen with progress bar. It is set to hibernate when the lid is closed, so the screen stays lit, and runs the battery down. Installing SP2 made no difference. System restore to the earliest date made no difference. It's always the same - first time it works, second time freezes. Any ideas?

  Diodorus Siculus 15:14 24 Oct 2004

Don't know... have you tried the system file checker:



sfc /scannow

It needs the XP CD.

  Mike28 14:29 25 Oct 2004

Thanks for your suggestion - I have tried to run system file checker, but got the message 'cannot find file sfc/scannow', even with XP CD in place. Search of XP CD cannot find this file. What next?

  Diodorus Siculus 13:26 27 Oct 2004

It needs to be as follows



sfc /scannow

LEave a space between sfc and /scannow

  CN 14:33 27 Oct 2004

If you have an early edition of Nero installed, this will cause the problem - there is an article 331506 on Microsoft support site which covers this. I don't know whether the latest Nero still does this; Ahead told me they were aware of the problem. Uninstalling Nero cleared it and I now usually hibernate, though an occasional restart seems to be beneficial.

  Mike28 18:33 27 Oct 2004

Thanks for your help. It WAS Nero v5.5.

Hibernates perfectly now.

  CN 10:16 28 Oct 2004

If you have an early version of Nero installed, this explains your problem. If you search the MS support site on "Nero" you will find an article about this. Uninstalling Nero will enable correct hibernation, though I have found that it pays to do an occasional shut-down and normal boot to clean up the system. I don't know whether V6 of Nero fixes this bug, but Ahead were certainly aware of it when I contacted them some 18 months ago.

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