second hdd advice needed please!

  STEVE71163 15:24 12 May 2003

I have just got home with my new second hdd (80gb) and i had to fit it in the bay directly above the bay with the existing hdd (80gb). Is this alright as i have no other bays to fit it into? It seems to run fine!

  AndySD 15:36 12 May 2003

Simple Answer..... yes.

  STEVE71163 15:48 12 May 2003

Thanks AndySD- I thought it might get a bit hot?

  AndySD 16:05 12 May 2003

It shouldent cause a problem. Mine is set up this way. If you are worried about it you can buy hard drive coolers.

  STEVE71163 17:44 12 May 2003

If i want to do a copy of my c-drive to this new hd how do i do it? I have partition magic i dont know if this would help me as i see it has copy partition option? Also this new drive has a 8mb cach and the existing drive has a 2mb cach. Is it worth using the new drive as my master? Would it be noticibly faster?

  STEVE71163 21:24 12 May 2003


  MickE1 22:33 12 May 2003

What is the rpm of the two drives as this also helps to decide? What make is your new drive? If Maxtor then the Max Blast software works well. You can make a mirror copy of the old drive and then make it 'C'.

  STEVE71163 06:21 13 May 2003

Thanks for replying. Both drives are 7200rpm 80gb but existing one has 2mb buffer and the new one has 8mb. The shop where i bought it from said that if he were me he would use the new drive as the master as it would be faster. But would i notice the differance? Both drives are Western Digital.

  y_not 06:41 13 May 2003

Back to your concerns about overheating ..... I have FIVE hdd's all sat in a stack with no additional cooling - never a problem (been like that for 18 months now.

I rely on the powerpack fan, a decent AMD CPU fan and the graphics fan only.

Don't worry about the temperature of the hdd.

  STEVE71163 06:44 13 May 2003

Thanks y_not that has put my mind at ease with the overheating. Seems fine!

  STEVE71163 07:39 13 May 2003

If i wanted to install xp from my xp disc onto this new drive would i need to just set this new drive as master? and if i did do it this way would the software and data on the existing disc be unaffected?

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