Second HDD

  Eastender 17:23 08 Jan 2003
  Eastender 17:23 08 Jan 2003

I'm thinking of adding a second hard drive. My present one is a 13GB IDE at 5400, can the second one be 7200, or must that too be a 5400?

  Elrond 17:25 08 Jan 2003

It shud be fine. I think it would be better to make this the main disk dive, when you install it. Wait for further comments

  Mac & Beth 17:27 08 Jan 2003

It'll be fine.

What ATA speed are they both? Usually ATA 66, 100, 133...

If they are both on the same cable then they will run at the speed of the slower (lower number) however you won't really notice!

  Eastender 17:45 08 Jan 2003

ATA, you've got me there, no mention of that on Belarc.

Bus clock is 100, any good?

  Mac & Beth 17:52 08 Jan 2003

Hmm sometimes called UDMA i think. Its the data transfer speed of the drive as oppossed to the spin speed (5400 / 7200).

What info is there on Belarc for your current drive?

  Eastender 18:18 08 Jan 2003

13.01 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
10.83 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space

HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4120B [CD-ROM drive]
Generic floppy disk drive (3.5")

ST313021A (13.02 GB) [Hard drive] -- drive 0

Local Drive Volumes

c: (on drive 0) 13.01 GB 10.83 GB free

I've been copying most of my folders to CDR and deleting from the HDD but still not enough space for my new project, that's why second HDD.

  Eastender 18:26 08 Jan 2003

Just done a search on the model No.

INTERNAL TRANSFER RATE (Mbits/sec) _______up to 285.5
EXTERNAL TRANSFER RATE (Mbytes/sec) ______up to 66.6

So it looks like 66, yes.

  Eastender 19:12 08 Jan 2003

I'm going to green tick this one cos I think I got the Thumbs up overall.

Thanks to all for your advice.

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