second hard drive fitted but need help

  shippy 19:38 02 Mar 2003

evening all ive just fitted a second hard (never done it before) i started up and went into cmos settings and set them to auto and all was well i was very pleased with myself,then i went into computer managment to format the new hard drive and i can see it there but not sure what to do next please running xp pro
thanks in advance

  rct 19:41 02 Mar 2003

Just go into My Computer, right-click the new drive and select format if you want it as a single partition, otherwise, use Disk management to partition the drive first.

  shippy 19:44 02 Mar 2003

rct ive just done what you said but the new drive is not there

in disk managment i can see the drive and it says unlocatted

  rct 19:50 02 Mar 2003

Oh right, you haven't created any partitions on it yet... click on the unallocated space, then right click and select create partition. Choose to use the whole space or a smaller size to have more than one partition. Then format as said before.

  rct 19:51 02 Mar 2003

forgot to add, the first partition should be a "primary partition" and subsequent ones will be "logical drives" within an extended partition.

  [email protected] 19:56 02 Mar 2003

you do not say what type of HDD. use the HDD installation floppy specific to the type of HDD. Normally XP Pro will automatically recognise the HDD then ask if you want it partitioned & formatted. It also automatically puts in the basic XP programs. Xp pro does not like a mix of HDD (sdr does not go with ddr) nor does it like two types of HDD eg maxtor with western digital. identify what you have put in. I am afraid it is square 1 & you have to go back to basics. identify partition format & you may still find that you have a 2nd DOS partition created by XP pro to deal with

  rct 20:32 02 Mar 2003

kellysbouncas - please read the original post, shippy has installed an additional HDD, no need to install XP on it. Also:

*SDR and DDR relate to RAM not HDDs.

*There is no problem with mixing makes of HDD

  shippy 20:47 02 Mar 2003

Thanks rct and kelly all done

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