Second Hard Drive: Config

  kevvyb 00:06 02 Jan 2003
  kevvyb 00:06 02 Jan 2003

A Happy New Year to All on the Forum:

I have just installed formatted and partitioned a second hard drive.

It's configured as primary slave to the existing primary master. Both drives are ATA 100.

The Seagate setup software has configured the new drive without DMA enabled. I was expecting that DMA would be enabled. Existing Drive is DMA enabled.

On trying to enable DMA I get a waring message that this change may cuase problems with my hardware and then to shutdown and reconfigure my hardware settings to match the DMA setting chosen.

Have changed nothing so far.

Does anyone have any idea what I should do?

All contributions greatly appreciated.

  DieSse 00:21 02 Jan 2003

DMA is enabled in the BIOS, not by software. Check the BIOS settings for the drive.

  kevvyb 00:30 02 Jan 2003

Hi DieSse,

So what's the checkbox in My Computer/Device Manager/Disk Drives/Properties/Settings Tab...???

If I recall correctly (I will check) the new Hard Drive shows in the Bios as exactly the same settings as my primary master i.e. UDMA 5, PIO 4....

  Quiller. 00:49 02 Jan 2003

kevvyb. Yes just tick it in the settings tab of device manager. Reboot. Then go back to device manager to see if it is still ticked. If it is then dma is enabled for that drive, if not then you may not be able to get it going.

Also check that your other hard disk and c\drom, cdrw drives are enabled.

If it will not have it from device manager it will not harm your system.

Hope this helps.

  kevvyb 12:29 19 Jan 2003

Thanks all.

Ticking the box did the trick.

  Quiller. 14:23 19 Jan 2003

Flipping heck, that took a while to tick. lol

Glad it's working.

  kevvyb 01:38 18 Apr 2003

I have two HD's configured as primary master and primary slave on one IDE channel.

I'm getting to the point where I might want to do a complete reformat and reinstall (totally wiping both HD's. However, I will want to save my data on the secondary HD, reformat and reinstall on the primary hard drive and then visa versa.

Is it possible to do this with both HD's connected or will I have to disconnect the secondary drive? (Haven't done this before with the teo HD's installed).

All comments greatly appreciated.

  Megatyte 01:45 18 Apr 2003

No problems at all. Leave them connected exactly as they are.


  kevvyb 01:50 18 Apr 2003

Have reposted this as a new thread (seem to have added it to a previous thread by mistake!!

  Megatyte 01:55 18 Apr 2003

Saves paper. :o)

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