Second hard drive

  Billyke 21:58 29 Jul 2007

Ever get the feeling you shouldn't have started something...?

I have installed a second HD from a 486 Win95 machine into a Pentium 133 Win95 machine. I intend to upgrade to Win98. Both HDs are around 2Gig & the original is slightly larger than the second drive. [incidentally, I found out how to do this by looking through the archive threads on this site, so thanks everyone!]

The original HD is set as Master and the 'new' HD is set as slave. They are connected with a new cable, with the slave in the middle. The CD-ROM is now on the old cable into the second IDE slot.

I went into BIOS and used autodetect to set both HDs and everything looks OK in there.
The machine boots OK and everything works as before. But there is no second HD in Windows Explorer, so I cannot access it.

Any ideas please.

  HCOOH 22:19 29 Jul 2007

Windows 95 seems such a long time ago now and maybe my memory is not as it should be, but don't you require an installation floppy when adding another HDD.

  T0SH 22:23 29 Jul 2007

Boot up using a Windows 98 boot disk partitioning and formating the second drive will get it allocated a drive letter and become visible in Windows explorer

Cheers HC

  T0SH 22:30 29 Jul 2007

Ops sorry the how to is here click here

  Billyke 22:58 29 Jul 2007

Thanks TOSH, that link looks brilliant.

Just one Q: how do I format the dick when I can't find it? The original disk isn't a problem 'cos the system is OK, but I can't find the second disk outside BIOS [or CMOS]?

  Billyke 23:31 29 Jul 2007

Forget that last comment. I haven't read it thouroughly but I think the answer is in the link.

  woodchip 23:34 29 Jul 2007

Any new drives have to be FDISKED to create a Partition on them, if they do not already have one. You have to do this with a Win98se boot disc In DOS not Windows

  woodchip 23:37 29 Jul 2007

If its a Slave drive, once you have cretated a Partition you can right click on it in Windows Explorer and choose format as you would with a floppy disc

  Billyke 23:39 29 Jul 2007

The second drive still has the operating system on it from the old comp and the last time I formatted that in the old comp it was done with one partition. Does that mean it ought to show in the new comp?

  woodchip 23:46 29 Jul 2007

If it shows in My computer or in windows Explorer, you can just right click it and choose format

  Billyke 23:50 29 Jul 2007

That's the problem at the moment - it shows OK in BIOS but I can't find it My Computer or Win Ex.

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