Second hard disk?

  rdh660 05:38 21 Jan 2006

My computer is running xp on a socket A motherboard (still a bit behind the times I am afraid). I have two hard disks installed, master and slave, with one used for backup in case of disk failure...both are ide connections. I am thinking of buying a new computer with a 64 bit processor and a socket 939 motherboard. The hard disk is a single SATA type. I read that most 939 boards have ide connections as well as SATA. Will I be able to fit one of my ide hard drives from my old machine to this machine as a slave backup drive in a similar way. If so will it simply show up in 'my computer' with a drive letter as two ide drives did on my ide only board? Simplified I suppose I am asking can I run a master sata disk and an ide slave on the same board and will there be any specific problems doing this.....sorry for rambling !!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:23 21 Jan 2006

It will be much easier and safer if you buy a HD caddy for your drive and connect this with the supplied USB lead. The drive will then be external and a much better idea than having both drives internally. Being external you do not have to worry about slaving etc as the drive is just like a big floppy disk. External cases can be bought for around £20.


  rdh660 07:41 21 Jan 2006

Thanks Gandalf
I have been using the slave drive in my present setup to store images on using Symantec 'Ghost' in case of emergency. Would the 'External Drive' be able to be accessed in the same way should I need to reinstall an image backup?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:36 21 Jan 2006

Yes and it can be removed to another place for safe keeping which is why I cannot understand why people have slave drives in computers. This is totally bonkers if you want to have a safe image. The following will get you going or check out Ebay......

click here

click here


  rdh660 08:44 21 Jan 2006

Great help Gandalf
Thanks for the information and what you say certainly seems to make more sense than having slave drives etc. Think I will treat myself to an external caddy.....should have thought about it before Christmas shouldn't I ?
best regards

  Totally-braindead 09:12 21 Jan 2006

I bought this one from Novatech click here+ and am very pleased with it, no piccy unfortunatly but the one I got is a nice silver and light blue colour. Takes standard IDE drives. Or try here click here

  rdh660 09:14 21 Jan 2006

Thanks for the advice everyone....once again the Helproom comes to the rescue.

Best regards.

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