Second Hand PC..

  Kev.Ifty 23:12 26 Apr 2005

Before he has emigrated to Australia. My Neighbour gave me a PC (for the kids). I have only just set it up, after having it a few months.

The problem i have is it's full of rubbish!

I would like to reformat the hard drive but!! It has XP Pro as OS. I dont have the Disc, my own PC has XP Home preinstalled and i dont know how to go about the job of reinstalling an OS.

Any help or suggestions?

Cheers Kev.

  woodchip 23:18 26 Apr 2005

First things first you need to get a OS disc with the windows ID key for kids put win98se on, if you can get a disc. You may get one on hear from some one who as upgraded to XP and does not need the 98 disc

  Tinkey Winkey 23:20 26 Apr 2005

You need to get a windows cd.

XP home oem is around £60 - search for the best price on the net.

You should be able to format and install xp fresh from within windows when the cd starts.

Alternatively place the cd in your cd drive and restart the pc.

If the pc is configured to start from the cd drive first it should start to load -just follow the instructions.

  Kev.Ifty 23:23 26 Apr 2005

Cheers woodchip. This PC is an old one. It's a Pentium 2. The XP Pro was his own Disc, i know he had an all singing Computer himself, so thats where the Pro OS came from.

All suggestions greatly received.


  woodchip 23:25 26 Apr 2005

Are you on BB

  Kev.Ifty 23:28 26 Apr 2005

Yes i'm on BB.

Being tight fisted I was hoping to do this without spending! ;-)

  Pooke100 23:30 26 Apr 2005

I'd advise the same as BodgeItAndScarper, shop around for a copy of XP, I think that's your best bet.

As for installing Windows XP all you do is put the CD in the drive and follow the prompts, provided it's set in the BIOS to boot from CD drive first.

Google will show up a tonne of sites to help and if you do get stuck post back another thread.

  woodchip 23:43 26 Apr 2005

Then why not download a Linux distro, that contains all they will need including games. But you need a CDRW to create the boot CD's
click here at the bottom it's free and easy to setup. If you decide then I can give you direction on install.

Much like windows

  woodchip 23:56 26 Apr 2005

It's about three CD's as there is all software for office and games plus much more on the CD's it will also work faster with linux

  Kev.Ifty 00:09 27 Apr 2005

Thanks woodchip.

I will give it a try when i get the chance. I will let you know how i get on.

Thanks for your help, and Pooke100 and BodgeItAndScarper.

I will post back later.

Cheers Kev.

  Tim1964 01:22 27 Apr 2005

If the PC is 'quite old', having a Pentium II processor, have you checked that the spec is up to handling XP? As stated above, win98se may be a better bet.

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