second drive ... where is it ?

  woofwoofbark 00:04 09 Sep 2004

Yesterday I added a second harddrive to my computer , I got it from a friend , well... it was in the folder "My Computer" as E: but I wanted to scrub its contents , I have System Mechanic 4 pro and used its Drivescrubber function ... all was well , it scrubbed the drive but when I restarted I cant see it in My Computer but its listed in Device Manager as working properly and the drivers are installed .... does anyone know why its not listed in My Computer ?



  User-312386 01:37 09 Sep 2004

what type of drive is it?

Delete it from device manager and then restart computer

  woofwoofbark 02:28 09 Sep 2004

Uninstalled and restarted .. but still the same , no sign of it on My Computer ... it was there before I scrubbed the drive

its a Fujitsu MPC3032AT ... its only a 3gb but its an added 3gb thats usufull to me ... like I said before device manager says its working properly , i uninstalled then restarted , windows picked it up and now device manager lists it but My Computer doesnt ???


  BigAl127 08:47 09 Sep 2004


Have you partitioned and formatted the 2nd drive, as I had exactly the same problem last night, with the drive now showing in my computer & Windows Explorer.

  cga 08:59 09 Sep 2004

What happened is exactly what would be expected.

My Computer only shows logical drives. After you scrubbed the disk you removed these.

What you need to do is go to 'ControlPanel-Administrative tools-ComputerManagement-DiskManagement'. Here you can see both the Physical & Logical disks. You can also creat a new logical disk in the free space.

  TomJerry 09:45 09 Sep 2004


  woofwoofbark 09:46 09 Sep 2004

Thanks for the info cga I have the slave drive installed under E: and everything is fine , BigAl127 I have formatted the disk too

cheers for the help guys its very much appreciated



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