Second Desktop installation?

  Daibus 08:30 08 Oct 2006

I am using Quicktime to view Podcasts from the BBC etc but was wondering if it`s possible to have a plain second Desktop installed on the PC so the normal one, with the icons, does not distract from watching the video?

Sorry if this seems a strange question.

  STREETWORK 09:04 08 Oct 2006

Not too strange a request.

I take it you want to switch desktops at the click of a button.

Post your operating system here...

  Daibus 17:21 08 Oct 2006

Many thanks for your reply - I have XP Home.


  vitrocmax 23:20 08 Oct 2006

You could create a new account with a name such as 'Podcast', login as Podcast and delete all the desktop shortcuts. You cannot delete the Recycle Bin, but you can move it to behind where the Quicktime screen will be.

If you set the taskbar properties to 'Auto-hide' and select 'none' for your desktop background, you should have a clear screen. Just make sure you have the programs you need in the Quick Launch taskbar.

Move the cursor to the bottom of the screen to show the taskbar (or use Ctrl-Alt-Delete) to switch users between your normal logon and Podcast.

I just tried it on my Win2K machine and it worked (except for the podcast, which I don't use) and everything seemed OK. There's no reason why XP should be any different, I checked all the icons and only the Recycle Bin didn't have a delete option, so it should be the same.

  DieSse 23:56 08 Oct 2006

If you have an nvidia graphics card, with up-to-date drivers, the driver has a facility for multiple desktops. I've never actually used it, but I just looked and it's there.

  Daibus 07:43 09 Oct 2006

Many thanks for your replies.

DieSse - I have the NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150 graphics card but am not sure where to locate the setting, via the driver to set up an alternate Desktop.

I´ve located the card via the right click on my Desktop but thought it best to seek further advice in case some important settings are inadvertently altered.


  DieSse 10:47 09 Oct 2006

Right click on the desktop and you should see nView properties in the menu - click on it.

Click the Desktops tab, and select the setup wizard.


If the nView is not in the menu, then click Properties - the Display Manager window opens.

Click the Settings tab, then Advanced - you shouls then see a tab related to your video chip. Click that - then a flyout menu should open, which has Desktop management in it. Select that. Click the Enable button - after a short while it should be enabled. Then you can do the setup wizard.


I have a card - I would imagine it would be much the same for you integrated graphics. Hope it works.

  DieSse 10:53 09 Oct 2006

I've just had a play - and it seems to work OK - you'll have to find your way through a few settings, but nothing awkward. I certainly managed to get two desktops with different settings, swappable by right click on the desktop - Desktop - choose the one you want.

Linux is easier! It has multiple desktops by default in most distros.

  Daibus 17:13 09 Oct 2006

Many thanks again for your help.

I´ve set up another account (Podcast) which gives me the option to choose on Bootup. I`ve gone thru the many settings but do not know how to switch Desktops from within Windows. If I right click on the Desktop nView Properties and NVKeystone are showing but from there on I get lost and can`t see where the setting is to switch to the other display.

As I now have two accounts I presume there is no way that you can set the PC to Bootup automaticaly to the Default account without me intervening?

Cheers again.

  vitrocmax 21:44 09 Oct 2006

I don't think you can boot without intervention, but you don't need passwords.

The method I suggested worked fine in Win2K, and that does include an option to automatically boot into any account you choose. Unfortunately I don't see this option available in XP Home. (I haven't tried my XP Pro PC yet).

There is a 'fast user switching' option but I don't see how it would work becaues you need the accounts to be set up first.

I am assuming that you can't run podcasts full screen? If you could then I don't suppose this would have been a topic in the first place. Following my suggestion to delete shortcuts and hide the recycle bin behind the video screen, could you move most of your less used shortcuts to a subfolder on the screen,and move the rest so that they are hidden when the video screen is in use.

Sorry I don't know much about 'podcasting' - what you can and can't do is an unknown with me.

  DieSse 22:45 09 Oct 2006

Select nView properties - Select the Desktops tab.

Tick the Enable Multiple Destops box.

Go to Options and tick the box "Show active destop in the taskbar area

Select Add - Give your Desktop a name (Podcast?) - Choose a background. Click OK.

That's it - you've got two desktops.

Right click on a desktop - you'll see nView desktops now - and you can select either your regular one, or the Podcast. Select the Podcast and set it up how you want it.

And for quick switching, click on the new Desktop icon in the taskbar area, and up pops a menu with you Desktop names on, for you to select.

Job Done.

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