Second attempt - opinions please

  hargranules 19:37 18 Jul 2006

I have finally completed website. I would love some feedback if anyone would like to take a look.

click here

  Forum Editor 19:47 18 Jul 2006

I didn't get a chance to help you with your server files as promised - you actually sent me an incomplete set of logi details, so I was rejected by the server. I meant to let you know, but I'm afraid the world moved on.

There's a problem with your log file - watch what happens when you click on the Repairs and Virus removal links.

Additionally, those little images on the various pages take a very long time to load. Something's not right there, but I'm rushing at the moment - I'll take a closer look later, unless someone else has spotted the problem.

Nice clean site - I like it.

  ade.h 21:11 18 Jul 2006

"....the world moved on."

Tell me about it; stop to catch your breath and you have to run to catch up.

Anyway, so to site mkII.

Not to bad; there in kit form. There are a few improvements that could/should be made.

The navbar graphics are nice and smooth, which is great, but are they a bit "tellytubby"? They don't quite tie in with the other graphics/images. There seem to be three styles going on at once.

The graphic/logo and the title graphic need a polish, especially the latter; it's being overshadowed by the navbar style.

Text formatting needs a bit of a tidy-up; "Welcome" looks lonely on the left, if you even need it at all.

A few small grammatical errors; missing full stops, lack of "that" in some sentences and other little things like that.

Page titles are important - Home Page does nothing. Welcome to Chelmer PC Services or something similar would make more sense.

Big white space at the bottom.

Don't underline text if it is not a hyperlink - people will hover over it.

Email link - spam heaven (or hell for you). Meet accessibilty requirements (which you need to do anyway) without getting spam by using a contact form.

  ade.h 21:11 18 Jul 2006

to = too (sheepish).

  hargranules 21:19 18 Jul 2006

"tellytubby" how about stylish bright and wonderful.

Thanks for your comments, i will look to improve. If i look at it anymore tonight I may pick up pc and chuck it!!!!

  ade.h 21:27 18 Jul 2006

One person's bright and wonderful is another person's in-your-face. My preference is for your little images, which seem to have the most appropriate appearance for the subject matter.

Speaking of little images; I noticed that some of them - the two on the index page for example - were different sizes and/or shapes, despite being right next to each other. Whe two or more images are aligned, they ideally need to have the same width or height, depending on whether they are vertically or horizontally aligned.

  Naeris 19:17 21 Jul 2006

Just to add to the above, on each page, the small coloured images are not in the same place i.e. you should put them all in the smae place on each page to ease navigation for the user so they know what to expect on each page and where to find it.

If it's a business site I feel it's especially important to uniform the site as much as possible.

I agree strongly with the comments made about the main logo, it looks really bad quality especially next to the polished nav buttons.

I would also consider polishing up the content to sound more professional.

Much better than Mk I!!!

  Naeris 19:18 21 Jul 2006

PS There is tons of white space at the bottom that needs clearing up!

  Woolwell 00:53 22 Jul 2006

Popped into this thread almost by accident as I confess that I know only a little about web design. But I clicked on your page. It doesn't fill the screen at 1280 x 1024 resolution and it's all to the left. Perhaps others can advise how to overcome this if possible.
Other pages with images seem slow using IE6.

  ade.h 14:26 22 Jul 2006

It needs to go into a full width - 100% - table with the content in central columns and a column at each side set to auto. The left and right columns will resize in the browser and no-one will ever see a horizontal scrollbar provided your content is narrow enough for their screen. Do this on a c.1300 pixel page any screen from 1280 downwards will centre it perfectly, even in Firefox and Opera! Make sure that your content can fit at least a 1024 window (c.950 in real terms) or even an 800 window.

  ade.h 14:27 22 Jul 2006

You could go to CSS of course, but tables are easier if you use a wizzywig design app.

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