seccurity Alert

  swanny2 16:32 10 Mar 2007

Can some 1 plz explain what this means my son has Norton and hes just had a security alert

Intrusion http Lop Toolbar Activity
Intruder Local Host 2425

It said it was a high Risk.also his norton trial runs out in a few days an im not sure what too do.
Swanny :O)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:41 10 Mar 2007

click here takes youn through how to deal with it. Post back if you have any problems.


  swanny2 17:42 10 Mar 2007

cheers but when i went too download no lop search an destroy i get a message runtime error 75?

  swanny2 17:43 10 Mar 2007

path file access error

  swanny2 17:50 10 Mar 2007

Also when i went too restart.its saying other people are logged into this computer,they will lose data if i restart? hnnn whats that all about. tx..

  Alan H E 18:51 10 Mar 2007

Did you just switch users instead of logging off? Are you staying with Norton after the trial if not many recommendations in Helproom for antivirus & antispyware progs mostly free and threads will give links.

  BRYNIT 22:38 10 Mar 2007

If a notice came up from the right hand side toolbar it is usually a warning from Norton firewall and may have said it has blocked the Intrusion http Lop Toolbar Activity Intruder Local Host 2425 if this is the case you would not have to do anything.

If you open Norton firewall you should find a section that would list all attempts to access your computer that have been blocked by Norton.

If you think that you have been infected do a scan with Norton anitvirus or you could do a free online scan click here

you can down load a free Firewall and virus checker from the internet. I would suggest doing this befor the trial runs out.

You can download something like Zone Alarm Firewall click here and Avast anti virus click here

  swanny2 10:08 11 Mar 2007

cheers chaps. thats put me mind at rest..the trial runs out in 2 is ok too download the free firewall and antivirus ,b4 it runs out? an while norton is running.Also will i need too remove anything too do with Norton from the Pc ,once the trial expires..
cheers .
Swanny :O)

  rick808 10:54 11 Mar 2007

You can download all the free software while Norton is running but you will have to uninstall Norton before you start installing the new stuff - so make sure your not connected online while you are doing this as you will be temporarily be without protection.

  SURVEY 12:43 11 Mar 2007

I may be cynical, but I had Norton Internet Security for many years before switching to AVG et al. It was noticeable that I had no threats or viruses until very close to the time my subscriptions expired when I would receive notification of a security alert! Coincidence?

  SB23 14:01 11 Mar 2007

I would suggest you go here, click here and run the removal tool.
When I changed from Norton, and started using the freebies, I had a few problems because not all the program had been removed. This should be all you need to ensure wahtever you install runs ok.


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