Cessna 23:31 11 Jul 2004

this seems to be a new concern, as it is the second time tonight i have heard about this. in the last few days i seem to have picked up something which has hijacked my internet explorer. every time i load up explorer there is an extra toolbar with link buttons to porn sites, and gambling sites, etc. this can be removed by going into View/Toolbars where it lists itself as Title Support. this can be unclicked so that it goes away, however next time i bring up explorer its there again. in addition, when i check my Tools/Internet Options i see that my homepage, which normally is yahoo is now listed as "searchweb2 pass through yahoo" so that yahoo comes up as the page, but it has passed through the page first". Adaware doesnt find anything, Norton internet security doesnt find anything, my firewall has never been down; so i dont know where on earth this came from.... but how can i get rid of it?? any ideas????

  kspatto 23:42 11 Jul 2004

try spybot search and destroy these ad killers use different methods and signature files to detect dodgy programs(none are 100% efficient) so the more you have the better your chance of finding the offending item the only one you shouldnt have more than one of is a firewall as they interfer with each other(some antivirus programs will also but this is less common)
if you get the mag it was on a recent disc or you should be able to download it for free
best of luck patto

  SANTOS7 23:44 11 Jul 2004

click here
click here
click here
download and run these especially CWSHREDDER spyware blaster should stop it from happening again,good luck

  Gaz 25 00:58 12 Jul 2004


Hate hate hate hate hate these cretins...

SPYWARE, its everywhere!

As suggested try the cool web search removers first - if not work then send your HijackThis! logs.

  Cessna 01:12 12 Jul 2004

spybot and CW shredder picked up a few things. but still early to see if it has removed the culprit, certainly i can still go into View/ toolbars and bring up the Title support, so that the porn link toolbar reappears.. but whether or not it loads up automatically ever time i dont know yet. in the meantime, and just in case how do i get a hijack log?

Hijack This and other spyware removal/detection type programs can be downloaded at the below links:

click here (also provided by santos7 above)

click here

Run the program and it will tell you what's running on your computer and where the programs are stored (hence where they can be removed).

  Nellie2 13:34 12 Jul 2004

Please be careful with hijackthis, a lot of what it lists is useful and even essential to the running of your PC.... if you are not sure what you are doing then you need to get expert help.

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