cowgirl66 21:48 15 Sep 2011

Hi, I have got this spyware on my computer which hijacks my Google webpage whenever I do a Google search. I would love to know of a tool or of any antispyware which would definitely remove this and make my computer safe to use once more.

Any help appreciated, cowgirl66

  johnnyrocker 21:50 15 Sep 2011

do you have malware on board? if so update it and run it what OS do you have?


  cowgirl66 21:51 15 Sep 2011

I have Kaspersky Internet Security and am running Windows 7. I have used Super AntiSpyware but it hasn't picked it up

  johnnyrocker 21:55 15 Sep 2011

as i said try malware bytes and see what happens.


  cowgirl66 21:56 15 Sep 2011

Ok johnnyrocker, I will try that and I will get back to you.

  johnnyrocker 21:38 16 Sep 2011



  cowgirl66 09:40 17 Sep 2011

Ok Johnny, sorry for the delay but I had almost given up yesterday, as had my techie at Malwarebytes I think! Have you ever heard of Complitly? No well nor had I but on searching in my Google Chrome extensions I found it and guess what? It uses "Searchcomplete". How it got there I don't know, but it offers alternative searches, and they even confess in their FAQ pages to taking over the URL address bar, in other words hijacking it. They tell you how to avoid this, but honestly if you dont' know you've got it on your computer the first thing you'd do is worry. I was very annoyed, they caused me a whole load of upset and Malwarebytes was very understanding and said at least it was solved. We ran DOS tests and everything to try to find what was causing the hijacking. So remember, Complitly = = take over of browser URL. Verrry bad people.

Thank you though for your interest and patience,

Regards cowgirl66

  johnnyrocker 11:30 18 Sep 2011

thank you for the update hope it all works out


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