Searching with unusual results

  Fateful Shadow 18:07 04 Sep 2005

A friend of mine searched for something (not sure what, he didn't say) on an image search and he came up with some...let's say...distasteful images (I've had it for something simple and get something you hadn't bargained for in return :S).

He's a bit uneasy now, seeing as ISP's know where you've been and can easily track you, and he wants to know whether he should be worried or not. Of course, he would never search for any images of this nature EVER, it was just an unfortunate result.

Can I tell him to stop worrying?! I know it might sound pety (if that's how you spell it!) but I've had the same worries a few times, and I bet some other people have too...

Thanks :)

  Diodorus Siculus 18:10 04 Sep 2005

If you discover something and don't like it, you will move away. If it is illegal and you get investigated, you will quickly be eliminated because it will be obvious that you did not spend time on the site.

Running a temp internet cleaner like crapcleaner will remove it enough.

Nothing to worry about.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:11 04 Sep 2005

By the way, he is not remotely likely to get investigated for simply finding something via a search.

  VoG II 18:12 04 Sep 2005

I have had a few surprises when searching using the most innocent keywords.

I don't think there's anything to worry about but he could run CleanUp! click here to clean temporary files, history and so on.

  Fateful Shadow 18:13 04 Sep 2005

Many thanks for te speedy reply. Shall text him now and tell him to get CCleaner and stop worrying :P

Does make you wonder though how such images can be displayed when you could search for something so unrelated, like "Jewel case" (that's just an example...I saw one infront of me and typed it :P)

Thanks again :)

  Fateful Shadow 18:15 04 Sep 2005

Thanks to you too VoG.

Need to learn to type quicker... :)

  big bloke66 18:27 04 Sep 2005

I know if you google,they have a safe search option in preferences.
This should stop alot of what you described.

Having said that like VoG™ i to have had a few surprises.

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