Searching for Duplicate files

  droof 15:48 11 Dec 2003

Over the years I have accumulated a mass of duplicate files (my own files that I have backed up). I want to consolidate them into one definitive backup, before burning them to disk.

The problem is not just the number of files, but the fact that I may have many of the same name (but of different sizes/dates). I only want to delete copies of files that are identical (i.e. same name/size/date), but not those were only the name is the same.

Is there a way of automatically going through these backups and finding identical duplicate files before deletion (without having to do it manually - which is getting a bit tiresome)?

Also, Can anyone recommend a decent backup program to take the pain out of backing up?

I am currently using Wondows XP Pro.

  GroupFC 16:59 11 Dec 2003

You could have a look here click here for locating duplicate files - I don't know what it's like as I haven't used it myself (I just collect links posted here to what I think might be useful at sometime in the future!).

With rgard to backing up you could have a look here
click here, which should give you plent of reading.

If these are not any use at least it's bumped you up the list until somebody more knowledgeable comes along!

  Valvegrid 18:12 11 Dec 2003

To go with GroupFC's links, this one may help as well:

click here

  Valvegrid 18:12 11 Dec 2003

To go with GroupFC's links, this one may help as well:

click here

  Wak 18:18 11 Dec 2003

Just to confirm Valvegrid's suggestion of Toniarts "Easycleaner", this program will find all duplicate files and will list the Name, Size, Type, Date, Attributes and version of the files which it finds.

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