searching for boot record from ide-0..OK 14:18 17 May 2007

Hi there,

I have ghosted my C drive which boots with XP to a new and bigger HD, but it will not boot as I get the message saying "searching for boot record from ide-0..OK". I have heard about FDISK /MBR, but not sure how it works or what to do...I would prefer not to lose the data on the new ghosted HD.

Can anyone help me?

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  Totally-braindead 14:27 17 May 2007

Why do you include a link to a company on your plea for help? 14:35 17 May 2007


  Totally-braindead 14:39 17 May 2007

Ah well you might get in bother with that as advertising is not allowed on the Forum for obvious reasons, I mean the advertisors you see pay for the it so the site remains free.
Anyway enough about that. When you say ghosted do you mean you copied your existing hard drive to the new one with Norton ghost?
If so I don't think I can help as I've only used Acronis Trueimage. 14:41 17 May 2007

Yes, I used Norton Ghost.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:45 17 May 2007

Please confirm

1. C:\ drive was copied (ghosted) to another HDD?
2. you then wiped C: drive completely?
3. you have two seperate HDDS but you have not physically swapped then im the machine.
4. the old HDD is set as master on IDE0 (primary) channel
5. the second HDD is set as master on IDE1 (secondary) channel 14:56 17 May 2007

I am currently running two HDDs. My C drive has XP OS on it and it boots. My second HDD is used for storing data files only. I have a third HDD which I Norton Ghosted my HDD with XP OS on it (removing my data HDD from my PC in order to do so). When I remove my old HDDs and set the third HDD as Master I get "searching for boot record from ide-0..OK" when I try to boot.

1. Yes.
2. No (just removed it).
3. Yes (but can do).
4. Yes.
5. Not currently, but can do.

I have heard that I can use FDISK /MBR to set a new Boot Record, but don't know how to do this.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:07 17 May 2007

The message means it has found the boot record on the drive connected to IDE0.
So no need to Fdisk MBR.

IS your BIOS set to boot from IDE1 ?

What happens it you replac
e disk 1 your old C drive with disk 3 (ghosted drive) set as master? 15:25 17 May 2007

What I want to end up with is my original slave HDD with data on it and the new HDD with the ghosted XP OS on it and booting from this drive.

I have not changed BIOS at all so it should still have its original settings, which will mean booting from IDE0.

...It does not boot and I get the message "searching for boot record from ide-0..OK"


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