Search Forum Not working for Me.

  birdface 23:34 31 Jan 2011

Hi.I used to be able to put my username into search forum and lots of my posts would come up.
If I wanted to look at anyone else's posts I could put there username into search forum as well and see all of their posts.
It no longer works for me using I/E9 beta or Firefox.
Is it still working you or is my security programs acting up.
No big deal but it was handy.

  rdave13 23:43 31 Jan 2011

Hello buteman, it's working for me on IE8; click here

  birdface 23:58 31 Jan 2011

Yes thanks for that it only gave you 1 for today and there should have been at least 4 for today And I am sure you used to be able to go back a few months and not just the one day.
So not sure if they have changed anything or not.

  rdave13 00:25 01 Feb 2011

On the page I see it says "Your search for "buteman" found 1202 items in total." The list is not in date order though. On the page Displaying items 151 to 175 there is a posting dated Monday 31 Jan 2011 02:39 PM Don't know what order they are listed.

  birdface 00:35 01 Feb 2011

Ok thanks that makes it just my problem then.
Not sure what is going on maybe it is because I remove the cookies every day.
I will have a good look tomorrow to see if I can find the problem.
And thank you for your help.

  birdface 00:38 01 Feb 2011

Well I don't know tried your click here one more time and they are all showing now.
Only showed the one the first time.
I will leave this open till tomorrow just to see if it has settled down.
Many thanks for your help.

  birdface 00:39 01 Feb 2011

Working on I/E9 as well now.

  birdface 06:43 01 Feb 2011

Still working this morning so will class as resolved.

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