Search Form in Frontpage 2002

  gazmania 00:30 19 May 2005

Frontpage provides a template and standard form component for searching websites. It works efficiently, but annoyingly the standard form displays the "search" box with the "submit" & "reset" boxes one line below.
I would prefer to have all 3 boxes on the same line. Is this possible?

  LeadingMNMs 21:30 19 May 2005

Should be possible, but not sure exactly how Frontpage works.

How about creating a table with one row and three columns and putting each element in its own cell.

  gazmania 21:37 19 May 2005

The individual components do not appear to move independently. Does anyone have any experience with site searches?

  gazmania 21:49 19 May 2005

I'm just a novice. If John can't crack it, should I give up?

  welshwizard712 16:55 21 May 2005

Create a html form manually with what u want and then use Matt's Script Archive
click here


Use php to process the forms, its quite easy if u google a tutorial and ur site is hosted on some decent webspace with php support.

An Example Script i found:


//This is the location of your sendmail variable
//if you don't know, contact your sysadmin
$mail_path = "/usr/sbin/sendmail -i -t";

//The email address to be receiving emails from this form
$mail_to = "[email protected]";

//the subject of the email sent by the form
$mail_subject = "Contact Form";

//the name of the buisness or website that the form contacts
$buisness_name = "Stargeek";

//this is the html of the form used to create the email
$form_html = '$html = "
To Contact $buisness_name:
<form action=\"$PHP_SELF\" method=\"post\">
<table class=\"mainText\" border=\"0\" cellspacing=\"5\">
<td>Your Name: </td>
<td>$name </td>
<td>Your Email Address:</td>
<td colspan=\"2\" align=\"center\">Your Message</td>
<td colspan=\"2\" align=\"center\">$message</td>
<td colspan=\"2\" align=\"center\">$send</td>
Script by <a href="click here">Stargeek</a>

ini_set("sendmail_from", $mail_from);
ini_set("sendmail_path", $mail_path);

if ($_POST)
if( mail($mail_to,$mail_subject,"\t From: ".$_POST['userName']."\n \t Email: ".$_POST['userEmail']. "\n\n\n\n".stripslashes($_POST['userMessage']).'this email was generated by <a href="click here">Stargeek</a>\'s script'.,"From: $_POST[userEmail]\r\n"."Reply-To: $_POST[userEmail]\r\n") )
$html = 'Thank you for contacting '.$buisness_name.', '.$_POST['userName'].'. <br/>Your email was sent <br/>Script by <a href="htp://click here">Stargeek</a>';
$html = 'There was an error';
$message = '<textarea name="userMessage" rows="20" cols="70"></textarea>';
$name = '<input type="text" name="userName" size="30">';
$reply = '<input type="text" name="userEmail" size="30">';
$send = '<input type="submit" name="submit" value="Send">';


<title>-{Title Here}-</title>

(Credit to


Hope this Helps


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