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  TonyV 20:35 05 Feb 2009

I have suddenly got a strange sequence in Windows Explorer Search. Usually, when I search, I click on Search in the tool Bar and a screen comes up with the LH panel having words that tell you what to do. I usually click on the Files and folder search, type what I am looking for, then the response to the search comes in the RH panel.

Now, I get a completely different window in the LH panel. It Has a top section which has a space to write in and a green button called Desktop and the option to search Desktop or Web.

How do I get back to the more conventional search facility.

I am also getting something that says this has not been indexed, what is that all about?


  TonyV 20:53 05 Feb 2009

I found something in the Programmes listing that was called Windows Search. I have no idea where it came from, except the date of the folder was 30/01/2009, so have un-installed it. I hope this is the answer.

I'll let you know if it has reverted the "normal" search facility in Windows Explorer.


  birdface 21:28 05 Feb 2009

Windows search was another Microsoft download.I did not like it either and I think I removed it using Add Remove.

  birdface 21:30 05 Feb 2009

I should have said Microsoft Update.

  Sea Urchin 22:35 05 Feb 2009

Yes, it is Windows Search 4.0 for XP (KB943729) - I also uninstalled it as it caused various problems.

  TonyV 23:27 05 Feb 2009

I deleted it through Add & Remove Programmes. It is annoying when it happens through updates, when the update appears to be retrograde!! The search I now do in Windows Explorer seems much as it used to be. Perhaps it is "Mr Microsoft strikes again!"



  birdface 23:31 05 Feb 2009

You were a bit late getting the Microsoft update.I got it a couple of months ago.I believe it is the same one that you get when using Vista.Maybe we should have stuck with it for a while longer.

  TonyV 23:32 05 Feb 2009

Just to finish off, it is a bit like one of the updates they did some time ago that scuppered the pop-up help system in MS Office 2000. There was a cure for that, but then they put the amalgam of updates in SP3 and it could then no longer be repaired.

I don't use MS Office very much now because of what they continually do to it. I use Oo more than anything now, it does virtually everything that MSO did and appears to be easier to use than MSO, particularly the 2007 version.


  TonyV 23:35 05 Feb 2009

Probably. I was doing a manual check the other day and it must have come in then. That will teach me to use the Express update rather than the Custom!! At least with Custom you can actually see what is coming at you.



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