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  TonyThePM 15:12 16 Feb 2004

Hi, I have a three frame design web site. The top frame is static information, left frame is the navegation/menu frame, and the right frame is the contents.

Search engines are linking to the contents only, so anyone clicking on a link from google for example sees only the content html, and not the static nor menu frames.

What´s the trick in getting the pages to load so that the frames page is loaded (i.e the whole design is seen) but with the relevant content shown from the search engine? Or are there keywords etc that I need to use in the headers?

Thanks in advance for all help and abuse :)

  tbh72 15:22 16 Feb 2004

Probably your best solution is to create a single index / logo page which automatically refreshes to your actual website after a few seconds.

On this new page that you have created add all the essential information such as meta tags, contact information, refresh information & most importantly a line of "META Code" which prevents search engine robots from delving any deeper into your website.

I don't have the exact CODE you require but im sure others will post back with examples of the code you would use for this new page.


  Taran 15:47 16 Feb 2004

Having got that off my chest, you can embed a javascript snippet into your page code that will reload a frameset in full.

Let's say your frameset is called by requesting index.html and that this loads up a top, left and main content typical three frame set. A search engine will normally index the content framepage only for a lot of reasons I am not going to go into here.

If you get into a situation where, after time, your content pages have been spidered and are indexed in Google, if someone clicks on one of those Google links into your site, they will get whichever page was indexed on its own with no top, side and/or other frame elements.

Just one of the reasons why I hate frames...

Embed this code into your content pages:

<script language="javascript">


// re-establish frame context
if (top == self) self.location.href = "/index.html";



What it does is say to the browser, "Right, if this page is its own top page without a separate top element, reload index.html".

All that happens is that index.html reloads with all frame elements present and correct.

Anything you can do with frames for consistent site layout can be acheived to a similar or far more efficient level by any one of several alternative means.

Server Side includes is one such method where page headers, footers, navigation and/or any other common element is specified as an include and referenced in the main page. CSS can also help, any of the dynamic web languages an work wonders where page content is either pulled from a database or created by the script itself and returned into a template page that is formatted according to your tastes.

Standard web pages made with tables is very much the best overall design method for the majority of situations and for those table based layouts with a lot of content on one page you can either accept vertical scrolling of the whole page or create a scolling table where the navigation bar remains in place on the page while the content of the main table cell can scroll up and down.

Did I mention that I hate frames yet ?


Hope this helps.

  tbh72 15:54 16 Feb 2004

Yep frames are definately best used in appropriate situations eg To support glass in windows or to create a protective / decorative support around works of art..... etc.

  TonyThePM 16:15 16 Feb 2004

Thanks Taran, I think I could get to hate frames too! Your post certainly helped!

I take it that the IF statement in the code should be on a new line?

Short term I´ll go with page refresh idea. I originally designed the site using each page without frames, and common elements repeated in the html of each page. That was a PITA because of maintenance so I changed it all and went with the frames design. That move has then caused the search engine problem. Ain´t life fun :))))))

Sounds like I need to go back to the original tables design and learn how to do the server side includes.

Thanks for your time and info.

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